December 24, 1994
"Unto Us a Child Is Born" airs. Stewart Reed Barclay is born.


November 26, 1994
Jason Whittaker moves to Odyssey. ("A Name, Not a Number")


November 5, 1994
Tom Riley elected mayor of Odyssey in "Tom for Mayor."


Cassette label for Adventures in Odyssey used primarily in 1990's beginning with The Changing Times, last appearance in Signed, Sealed and Committed.


Illustration of Jack Allen, as appeared in Clubhouse magazine.

September 3, 1994
"Gone..." airs. Whit leaves Odyssey. Jack Allen comes to town and co-runs Whit's End during his absence.


January 28, 1994
Hal Smith, voice of John Avery Whittaker (1987-1994), passes away. The search for a new voice for Whit begins.


Arched logo abandoned and reverted back to horizontal logo (tweaked from 1991 version), beginning with A Time of Discovery. This version of the logo contained more vibrant colors and "Audio Series" text (albums 18-44). Several albums were released with yellow "Adventures in" text, but later reverted back to red. Used 1994-2005.

January 8, 1994
Eugene meets his future wife, Katrina Shanks Meltsner, in "Truth, Trivia, and 'Trina."



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