Artist Gary Locke

March 1, 2008
Odyssey considered for Best Small Town in America. ("Suspicious Finds")


April 12, 2008
Whit purchases McAlister Park (the land Whit's End sits on) in "The Forgotten Deed" after years of confusion regarding ownership of the property.


The new look of Focus on
the Family's logo (2008)


June 2008
First Kidsboro novel releasedBattle for Control.

A poster advertising the AIO Birthday Bash in Colorado Springs

August 16, 2008
Adventures in Odyssey celebrates its 20th birthday at the "AIO Birthday Bash." "B-TV: Live!" recorded live at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide released.


The Adventures in Odyssey, Celebrating 20 Years logo, used on products leading up to the milestone celebration.


September 2008
50th album released and dedicated to actor Walker Edmiston: The Best Small Town. Adventures in Odyssey takes a hiatus and takes a break from production of the numbered albums. No "new" episodes would air until March 2010.


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