April 2, 2005
"A Most Intriguing Question" airs. Eugene returns to Odyssey with much fanfare. The team did their best to keep his return secret until the episode aired.


A white oval container was added to the logo for remaining albums in the series as pictured in the original cover of Eugene Returns! This white oval is now featured on repackaged albums 1-50.


Above, Eugene Sings! and Eugene Sings! Christmas albums released as part of the fanfare of Eugene's return.


May 14, 2005
Eugene and Katrina finally celebrate their official wedding ceremony in "For Better or For Worse."


October 15, 2005
Eugene learns that his long-lost father, Leonard, is alive. ("Prisoners of Fear")




December 3, 2005
Connie starts writing a book. ("Tales of a Small-Town Thug")



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