Artist Gary Locke's illustration of a hidden camera embedded into a book.

January 5, 2002
Whit's End Connellsville opens in "Grand Opening."


January 26, 2002
Eugene and Katrina finally tie the knot and promptly leave the show for several years. ("Plan B: Missing in Action")



A special collection devoted to the Novacom saga. Needless to say, the 30-part series was popular.

A depiction of a scene in
"Expect the Worst"

July 7, 2002
"Exit" airs. The Novacom saga ends.


Pictured above, a special limited-time CD copy of "500"

July 13, 2002
"500" airs, a show celebrating 500 Odyssey episodes.


Cover for Clubhouse Magazine
in celebration of 500
Odyssey episodes


July 25-27, 2002
"Live at the 25" recorded at 25th anniversary of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



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