Tom Riley's inspiration for the Timothy Center came from an unexpected source.

An illustration of the Timothy Center, featured in Clubhouse Magazine


March 6, 1999
Tom Riley opens the Timothy Center. ("Opening Day")


Illustration depicting a scene from split-episode "Idol Minds," a more outlandish show in Odyssey history. Featured on the original cover for In Your Wildest Dreams.


Due to short time (15 minute stories or less), half shows/split-episodes were not popular as they limited plotlines and character development. Odyssey fans preferred 25 minute episodes over the split-episode format.


October 30, 1999
First Odyssey half-show (split episode format), "The Eternal Birthday/Bethany's Imaginary Friend" airs. Half shows would later be abandoned after Fall 1999/Spring 2000 seasons. "Bethany's Flood" is the final split-episode.


October 1999
First Passages bookDarien's Riseis released.


December 18, 1999
"A Look Back" celebrates a millennium of Adventures in Odyssey episodes.



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