An illustration of Bryan Dern, featured years later in Clubhouse Magazine

May 2, 1992
Odyssey's shock jock Cryin' Bryan Dern first appears in Odyssey in "A Tongue of Fire."


Illustration of Eugene and Whit, featured
on the original It's Another Fine Day...


Featured on original cover for Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

Years later, artist Gary Locke's cover illustration for Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

May 9, 1992
Eugene obtains his driver's license in "A License to Drive."


Summer 1992
First Adventures in Odyssey novel released: Strange Journey Back.


Arched logo released on The Early Classics and albums 11-17 (used 1992-1994) with "Audio Series" under the name.

June 27, 1992
Harlow Doyle first appears in Odyssey in "Harlow Doyle, Private Eye."


Illustrations of Edwin and his counterpart Shakespeare appeared later in the series.

August 29, 1992
Edwin Blackgaard first appears in Odyssey in "Double Trouble."




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