A generic version of the AIO logo,
used prior to the development
of later versions.

Slight tweak to the logo to make it fit the new name.

April 23, 1988
Name changes to Adventures in Odyssey. First episode to air: "The Quality of Mercy."


May 1988
First retail package (Odyssey USA) released.


Odyssey USA later re-released as Adventures in Odyssey. Eventually, the album became The Early Classics, with a re-arrangement of episodes to squeeze in unreleased shows. Ultimately, The Adventure Begins was released to restore proper chronology to the series.


A preliminary illustration of a future Classics album release, Drive Time, featuring the Barclays on their vacation to Florida.

June 18, 1988
The Barclays first appear on Odyssey in "Family Vacation."


Artist Bruce Day's early
version of Eugene Meltsner.

December 3, 1988
Eugene Meltsner first appears in Odyssey and begins working at Whit's End ("Connie").


Early cassette label for
Adventures in Odyssey.

Whit unveils something beneath a sheet, thought to be Kids Radio equipment or the Imagination Station.

December 10, 1988
In "Connie," Connie Kendall becomes a Christian.



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