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Adventures in Odyssey Club - Season 4 (2017)

After last season's emphasis on imitating Christ, we're ready to explore practical ways of accomplishing the works of God. This "fourth call" focuses on works of mercy such as serving, comforting, forgiving and praying for others.


Adventure 37
One More Name I

To save Jewish children from the Nazis, a Polish social worker agrees to smuggle them out of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Adventure 38
One More Name II

Secrets are revealed as Irena and her friends search for creative new ways to sneak more Jewish children to safety.

Adventure 39
One More Name III

The Nazis are closing in. What will happen to Irena and her jars containing the children's locations and identities?

Adventure 40
A Perfect Testimony

Buddy decides that conquering fear must be the key to spiritual growth, while Camilla pursues a more dramatic testimony.

Adventure 41
Unfair Game

A cocky basketball player tests Marvin Washington's patience during a mission trip to the Philippines.

Adventure 42
Swept Away I

Eugene fears that the Trickle Lake dam is about to collapse and flood Odyssey ... including Whit's End.

Adventure 43
Swept Away II

As the evacuation continues, everyday heroes try to save the town. Is it too late to prevent a massive flood?

Adventure 44
The Legend of Sperry McGerk

Whit shares the story of a Civil War soldier who passed through Odyssey on his way to a life-changing encounter.

Adventure 45
Angels in Horsehair


Adventure 46
There and Back Again I


Adventure 47
There and Back Again II


Adventure 48
There and Back Again III



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AIO Club is a monthly subscription providing access to the entire Adventures in Odyssey series.



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