Adventures in Odyssey Club - Season 3 (2016)

When we grow as disciples of Christ, we find ourselves striving to follow His example. This season's "third call" is to become imitators of Jesus in all we say and do.


Adventure 25
The Journal of John Avery Whittaker

Discover which people and events shaped Whit's character as a boy, inspiring him to become an imitator of Christ.

Adventure 26
Walk This Way

Penny convinces Connie that the answer to her financial problems is as simple as being crowned Miss Odyssey.

Adventure 27
When One Door Closes I

Whit and Eugene face persecution when they take the Imagination Station to a Christian church in the Middle East.

Adventure 28
When One Door Closes II

As religious hostility intensifies in Aljanistan, will Whit be able to influence the fate of a kidnapped pastor?

Adventure 29
he Good Soil

Based on a true story, a medical missionary encounters soldiers, cannibals and true love in the Congo. But is his work in vain?

Adventure 30
Things Not Seen

Things get a little crazy when Whit hires an enthusiastic new intern with a lot to learn about faith.

Adventure 31
The Boat People I

A boy explains how his desperate family fled Vietnam—a dramatic tale that also involves Whit and a mysterious ring.

Adventure 32
The Boat People II

Based on actual events, hundreds of Vietnamese refugees encounter pirates and other threats while adrift at sea.

Adventure 33
A Predicament of Biblical Proportions

An awkward boy with an overactive imagination moves to Odyssey and has his faith put to the test.

Adventure 34
A Forgiving Heart

Renee's aunt moves to Odyssey to open a veterinary clinic, but a figure from her past threatens to ruin the celebration.

Adventure 35
Where Your Treasure Is

With the help of Whit's latest invention, Camilla hunts for treasure in Nepal and makes a new friend.

Adventure 36
Un-Tech the Halls

The Parkers decide to unplug their gadgets and make family memories by searching for a Christmas tree.


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