Adventures in Odyssey Club - Season 2 (2015)

Our "second call" of becoming Jesus' companions means sharing His mission and direction. This seasonís themes will deal with the heart and life of Christ.


Adventure 13
Follow Me

Journey to Galilee as Whit imagines what might have happened had Jesus' disciples known each other as boys.

Adventure 14
The Cure, Part 1

Wooton's visit home leads to surprise encounters and a chance to carry the Gospel into remote Alaskan villages during the Iditarod.

Adventure 15
The Cure, Part 2

When a plane goes down in a violent snowstorm, the team's mission to share the hope of Jesus turns into a risky rescue mission.

Adventure 16
The Cure, Part 3

With lives on the line, time is running out. Hold on tight for the dramatic conclusion of Wooton's exciting Alaskan adventure.

Adventure 17
B-TV: To Tell the Truth

What's the truth about "truth"? Our investigation takes us from the Odyssey courthouse, to ancient Jerusalem . . . and beyond.

Adventure 18
To the Ends of the Earth

While delivering Bibles to a tribe in Papua, Whit and Jason become victims of sabotage and must choose whether to love their enemy.

Adventure 19
Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 1

Subtitled "The Tale of a Foolish Puppet," this fun spin on a classic Italian fable features all the wit and charm of Kids' Radio.

Adventure 20
Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 2

Geppetto's mischievous marionette experiences more ups and downs during his quest to make wiser choices and become a real boy.

Adventure 21
Hidden Gems

Convinced she knows every story in the Bible, Olivia Parker goes on a wild historical journey that proves otherwise.

Adventure 22
Walter's Flying Bus

In Uganda, Camilla meets a courageous young orphan with special needs, big dreams and a jungle full of amazing friends.

Adventure 23
Take It on Trust

What will Olivia do when an embarrassing secret she shared with her best friend gets broadcast to the entire school?

Adventure 24
A Daughter's Love

Travel to Singapore, where Minís loving relationship with her father is tested by hard times and life-changing choices.


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