Wooton Bassett


There’s no one quite like Wooton. When he’s not delivering mail, creating new comic-book characters, or looking for new ice-cream flavors, Wooton is helping the kids in some very unique ways.


Wooton is the mailman for Whit's End and a good portion of Odyssey, including Sycamore Lane, the home street of Wooton, the Washingtons’, the Rathbones', and the Straussbergs'. He often changes or veers from his intended mail route in order to help his friends, avoid certain people or animals, or to save his time. Wooton delivers PowerBoy comics on Tuesdays, as well as oil change coupons.


Wooton is the creator of the PowerBoy comics that he loves so much, explaining why he is often mulling over obstacles that PowerBoy has to overcome. He now writes Captain Absolutely comics and two additional comic strips called Drake the Cosmic Copper and Sleuth Family Robinson.



Wooton is a member of a very wealthy family of Bassetts. His Grandma and Grandpa Bassett are missionaries in Africa. Wooton also has a twin brother named Wellington who is the exact opposite of Wooton. Wooton also has a niece named Talia. Wooton's father was revealed in #624: “Wooing Wooton” and like Wellington, Wooton's father is mean and has written Wooton out of the family will.

Wooton's favorite cousin is Wilma Bassett. Wooton is good friends with the family butler, Bradford, and enjoys spraying him with silly string.

Wooton is engaged to Penny Wise.



Wooton seems to be a friend of most citizens. He is especially good friends with Grady McKay, Colby Cabrera, Penny Wise, Connie Kendall, and of course, Whit.




  • Wooton Bassett first appears in Welcoming Wooton.
  • He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but moved to Alaska at the age of 10.
  • Wooton's name in Old English means "village by the wood."
  • Wooton can play any instrument, such as the saxophone, banjo, organ, and piano, as long as he plays "Camptown Races". Wooton even uses his saxophone as a toothpick! Wooton proves that he can play more than Camptown Races, at least on his harmonica.
  • Wooton collects Smiley Meal toys and already-chewed green gum. One of Wooton's favorite things is fresh licorice especially when it replaces the bananas on a banana split. Wooton tries many different recipes including peppermint lemonade that turned out to be a disaster.
  • Wooton invented a ride-able vacuum for Marvin Washington, which seems to be Wooton’s favorite hobby of all, helping people.
  • Wooton seems to have an attraction to animals were as he has raised and taken care of many different animals, one of which included seven porcupines whose names were Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan, Cindy and Alice. He also raised a duck named Gertrude and a baby owl named Dr. What. Wooton even named a moose Dexter while living in Alaska.
  • Wooton has tried out for part in a Harlequin Dinner Theatre production. He has also been on the radio on many different accounts. He can make different voices to entertain kids. One time included Wooton co-announcing a baseball game in which the listeners learned that Wooton does not even like baseball. Wooton can get off topic when talking on the radio he once told a story about how he rode a tricycle down a ski slope when the topic was about donating blood. Wooton has even hosted a game show to settle a dispute between Connie and Eugene.
  • Wooon can fit a pair of tongs up his nose.
  • February is his seventh favorite month.
  • He owns/owned PowerBoy boxers.
  • He once used bottle rockets to scare away a moose in Alaska.
  • He has brown eyes.
  • Wooton also likes to joke around.

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