Penny Wise


Penny became friends with Connie through an art class and is now her roommate, even though she occasionally drives her crazy. Penny is a Christian, but she's immature in matters of faith and is easily taken in by deception.


Penny is very cheery. She is easily entertained by the small things in life, though she can become easily distracted. She is quite eccentric and a fairly abstract thinker, which helps her with one of her principle talents—art.


Penny originally was born and lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Odyssey to attend Campbell County College, where her fiancee moved. They later broke up over voicemail. Dr. Trask was her mentor, but he betrayed her by working with counterfeiters; she testified against him, though she became rather sulky about it. She is Connie Kendall's roommate and close friend. She also became Wooton's fiancee.




  • Penny Wise first appears in The Green Ring Conspiracy.
  • Penny became friends with Connie through an art class and is now her roommate.
  • Her eye color is green.
  • Penny painted a mural of ancient Rome in Connie's kitchen and different themes in her bedroom, including a Jungle Theme and the Sistine Chapel. She also painted a picture of a meadow that hung in Connie's house.
  • She is 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Her favorite drink was once raspberry soda.
  • She was at one point held in protective custody.
  • She was almost named Miranda by her parents.
  • Penny's ringtone on her cell phone is "Pop Goes the Weasel."
  • She is allergic to salmon.
  • Penny's name is derived from her birthplace in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). Yes, Penny is named after the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Penny currently works at Jacques Henri's art gallery in Odyssey.
  • Her trademark is a sweater and a hat.

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