Joanne Woodston-Allen


Joanne Allen is a sweet lady whose innocent charm is the perfect compliment to Jack’s gentle nature. A member of the Board of the Universal Press Foundation, Joanne is involved with missions work. Her vibrant, active lifestyle belies her years.



Joanne Allen (née Woodston) first came to Odyssey just after Whit returned from the Middle East. She wanted Whit to take a position with the Missions Board that would require him to go around and check up on projects the Missions Board was working on. While she was in Odyssey, she fell in love with Jack Allen. They got married and owned J & J Antiques, an antique shop in Odyssey. She later showed up in Great Expectations and then again in Home Again, to announce that she was selling the antique shop and retiring to Scotland with Jack. She finally sold it to Jason. She was best friends with Agnes Riley when they were kids.


Joanne was a missionary in many places (and was a trained nurse), she has also served on the Missions Board. When Joanne was a kid, she was nicknamed Jo and went to camp with Agnes Riley, Tom Riley's wife. Joanne is a sweet little lady whose innocent charm is the perfect complement to Jack's gentle nature. Joanne also knew Thelma Meltsner because she worked at the pregnancy center in Chicago when Thelma was pregnant with Eugene, and had gone there because Leonard was unhappy about Thelma being pregnant, and had even discreetly suggested abortion.



After Jack proposed to her, Joanne joked that she would have to ask her parents before she married him. (For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll II)




  • Joanne Woodston-Allen first appears in The Decision.

  • Joanne and Connie Kendall go on a road trip together beginning in Seeing Red.


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