Jason Whittaker


Jason is Whit’s youngest son—and in many ways, he is a “chip off the old block.” Most of Jason’s life was spent as an “analyst” and operative (in other words, secret agent) for the National Security Agency, just like his dad. And Jason also inherited his father’s love for inventions and tinkering with gadgets—especially the high-tech kinds. But while Jason possesses Whit’s sense of adventure, he does not possess Whit’s patience and wisdom, which results in Jason’s often reckless, impetuous nature. He is a “man of action” who sometimes leaps before he looks.


Jason Whittaker, the youngest son in the Whittaker household, is an obvious fan favorite. Jason is best described as a creative and impetuous young man. He first showed up in Odyssey when Whit experienced a mild heart attack due to his "Life After Death" program in the Imagination Station. He later showed up after Whit left Odyssey for an archaeological expedition in the Middle East. Jason's desire to try new things got him in several arguments with his good friend Jack Allen.


As a former National Security agent, Jason is extremely strong-willed and problem-solving man. He has been known to get himself into trouble, especially during the trials with Dr. Regis Blackgaard, along with countless other experiences. His motivated and strong-willed nature has also helped to improve him as well. He is very independent, likes to tinker with some of Whit's inventions, and create some of his own.


As soon as Mr. Whittaker returned from the Middle East, Jason cut back on his work at Whit's End. His independent, antsy personality kept him from working in Odyssey for too long. Instead, he currently travels the country, works with missions, and does his own thing. He pops in for a visit to Odyssey quite often, usually when a mystery or diabolical plot has arisen.


During his time in Odyssey, Jason's old friend Tasha Forbes arrived in Odyssey, with whom Jason almost married. This beautiful woman inadvertently caused some tension with Connie because Connie's emotions and crush on Jason caused a bit of jealousy. Unfortunately, Tasha wasn't a Christian and the two of them broke off the relationship sometime later. Ironically, Jason later developed a short-lived crush on Monica Stone, who went by another name during the Novacom scandal.


It is understood that John Avery Whittaker's involvement with the National Security Agency sparked Jason's interest years earlier; thus, Jason joined the team as well. The NSA proved to be a perfect job for Jason in days past, and it complemented his "take action" personality.


During the Vietnam war, Jason endured fearful times with his brother Jerry's recruitment to war. Jason even recounts his camping trip with Jason, one of the last times he saw his brother. 


It is interesting to note that Jason's relationship with Jack Allen was very strong, even though the two of them had their disagreements. Jack was a man of prayer, and Jason liked to put feet to his prayers. Sometimes Jason attempted to do things his way rather than seeking God's help first. Although he has made his share of mistakes, he still realizes who his strength comes from.




  • Jason first appeared in Odyssey in the episode The Mortal Coil and even mentioned a desire to work at Whit's End, but did not show up until years later in A Name, Not a Number when he officially moved to Odyssey.

  • Jason is voiced by actor Townsend Coleman, who, strangely enough, looked similar to the illustration for Jason when he first started on the show.

  • Jason's involvement with the National Security Agency stopped when he moved to Odyssey, and he begins to get frustrated with their ways when he is searching for his father in the Middle East.

  • Jason is the only Odyssey character to travel through reality and show up on another radio drama series, The Last Chance Detectives.


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