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"The Battle I & II"
[#83, 84]

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Review by The Whit's End Train Set



Hang on, if you haven't heard this adventure don't read this! I'll ruin it for you! :)

"The Battle" may be my favorite adventure ever! While "The Nemesis" was a great beginning, these episodes are an even better end to this part of the Blackgaard saga. When Dr. Blackgaard was explaining what Blackgaard's Castle was going to be like at the city council meeting, I never imagined it would be like an arcade! Of course, all those sounds made a much better example of what a crazy place Blackgaard's Castle was. When Lucy was hurt in the Imagination Station, I couldn't wait to hear what would happen next! And when Richard was talking to Dr. Blackgaard about the whole situation, I actually liked him! I really hoped he would make things right. Then, when Connie was talking to Lucy, I felt so bad for Lucy. It was nice to hear her side of the story. The ending was great, very unpredictable, but I was a little disappointed that Whit erased Applesauce. But it was all for the best! These episodes are probably my favorite, but only until Darkness Before Dawn!!



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