Reviews for
"The Case of the Ball Cap Hero"

*All ratings are based on a 5 star scale unless otherwise noted.


Review by YoshiSan



Well, well, well. We have a case of someone not taking things, but leaving them? Quite honestly, Buck Oliver comes to mind, and the writer of this episode clearly knew that Buck Oliver would come to mind. But instead of playing around with that a little, within the first five minutes Buck has been cleared. Well, after Buck was cleared I wasn't really interested in hearing the rest of the episode. Without giving out any spoilers, it was your case that had no consequence to the overall Odyssey plot whatsoever. It was mediocre, easily figured out with some thought to it. I enjoy Jones & Parker cases, but this one was less than satisfactory. It could have done some things here and there, set some bigger plot up, but no. We'll just say that it was no one of consequence, unlike the fact that Vance's father was mixed up in crime along with Vance in album 59. That was of consequence.

Overall this episode was 3 stars because of the mediocrity of the case, the characters involved, and the overall consequence of the episode.


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