Reviews for
"The Nemesis I & II"
[#77, 78]

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Review by The Whit's End Train Set



Dr. Blackgaard? I don't like the sound of that! I didn't like Dr. Regis Blackgaard at all the first time I heard him. Of course, after a while, I grew to look forward to any episode he was in! These two adventures are key players in the Blackgaard saga, and I haven't met any Odyssey fans who don't like them! I felt so bad for Connie, and I was so relived when Whit hired her back, she couldn't work for Dr. Blackaard! My dislike for Richard Maxwell grew when I heard him deceive Lucy, and it wasn't exactly hard to figure out who burned down Tom Riley's barn. Lucy wasn't the smartest in this series of episodes, but I can't really blame her. And, the best part of "The Nemesis" is the fact that it's only the beginning!



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