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"A Bite of Applesauce"

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Review by The Whit's End Train Set



"A Bite of Applesauce" is really a good adventure to listen to if you want to understand a little more about disobeying, and the consequences that go along with it. If I was Eugene, I don't know how I would have handled Connie. She's so curious, all the time!! But let's hope she's learned from her mistakes! The computer room was a cool secret, and it was nice to see that Whit knows just as much about computers as Eugene! :) I know some people may have been mad at Whit for firing them, but how else could he have handled the situation? I was a little nervous, wondering when he would re-hire them, but it all happens in good time. This adventure was also a great way to start the first Dr. Blackgaard saga!


Review by Timothy



This is my all time favorite episode.



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