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"Grandma's Christmas Visit"

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Review by aiofan



loved it!,things i liked:,-i LOVE the character of grandma i mean nana,-i liked the white elephant game show,-the stable scented fog was funny,things i disliked:,-nothing!,i give it 10 out of 5 stars.



Review by manfrednissley (Town of Odyssey)


This episode was awesome, and not just in the awe thats so sweet type of awesome.
There is one error however.
A 1932S silver half dollar is worth much more than $100!
here are the price ranges as of last year, silver has gone up quite a bit in the past year.
F-12 (hair lines around Washington's ear visible. tiny Feathers on Eagle's Breast visible.= $200
VF-20 (Most hair details visible, wing feathers clear.) = 225
EF-40 (Hair lines sharp, wear spots confined to top of Eagle's legs and center of breast) = 300
AU-50 = 320
MS-60 (No trace of Wear, but many contact marks, surface spotting or faded luster possible) =500
MS-63 (No Trace of wear, Light Blemishes. Attractive mint Luster.) 1,500!!!!
MS-65 (only light, scattered contact marks that are not distracting. Strong luster, good eye-appeal.) $2,500!!!!



Review by jennifertwt (Town of Odyssey)


Fantastic finish to what for me would have been a ho-hum album. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas, so the elements of Los Posadas and tamales make me homesick. My Swedish husband always ask me to make tamales, and I tell him you have to be born into the right family for that. I was not. LOL Seems back to her old self rather then the 'mature' version which I think I like less and Eugene is hilarious with all his gadgets. This episode is a reason alone to buy the album until it comes out on a Christmas album of it's own.
Well Done! Feliz Navidad!



Review by Bob (Town of Odyssey)



I'm not going to go too in-depth on this one...

Connie is her usual obnoxious self. I hate to say it that way, but she hasn't done anything in quite some time to get me to like her, and this episode completely failed to change anything in that regard. At least she didn't make any inane jokes at someone else's expense this time, but she just doesn't impress or especially interest me anymore. Maybe it's her voice; Katie Leigh just sounds much more harsh and sharp than she used to.

Emily Jones seems more annoying in this episode as well. I'm not sure what it is, but her voice grates on me like it hasn't in any previous appearance.

On the bright side, Grandma was overall well-written. Matthew was genuinely interesting, in contrast with most of the rest of the child characters. Mrs. Parker seems to have some real chemistry with her 'mother' going; their scenes are some of the more believable ones. Eugene was pretty good, except for the "yawn-inducing" -- that seems out of character, somehow. Whit was fine, but not exceptional.

The basic premise, "let's make a new tradition", was fine, but it got pretty unrealistic after they actually signed up the donkey and started off on that trail.

The game show scene was a bit cheesy. The end of the episode was all right, although it does seem a bit rigged that all the people who won valuable things were people we know.

All in all, a forgettable adventure in Odyssey. It isn't horrible, but I would rank a lot of other episodes above this one.

Due to ratings inflation, I would rank this 3/5. On a scale of 0-99, try something like 56/99.



Review by Peachey Keen (Town of Odyssey)



I hate this episode!!

Connie was yelling. So out of character. Eugene...blah. Emily, ugh not again.

I was expecting another heart warming Christmas Odyssey special. I was sadly dissapointed. Even though some AIO Cmas stories have been chaotic, there was still a great lesson. This one didn't.

It was cheesy,stupid, and just plain awful. Sure there were a lot of funny lines but that's the only thing that held the show up.

Odyssey is having a hard time getting morals across and now their holiday stories stink. Thankstaking was 20xs better.

Man, I'm not usually this critical but this ep brought out the worst in me.

My rating: 2 stars out of 5.



Review by Dallas R. (Town of Odyssey)


Not my favorite album conclusion. For some reason I didn't really like this episode all that much. I thought the plot was kind of pointless, and it isn't nearly as interesting as some of the older Christmas stories. I've liked a lot of the episodes on album 52, but this one just didn't seem as interesting or realistic or something. Oh well, still good enough that it was better than most of album 51.



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