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Review by T.S.



The reviewer of this episode ( I'm assuming its Jacob Isom) summed up my views fairly well, but I felt that I could expand on some of the points. As for the characters being wild and chaotic, I agree. But I have three younger siblings, around the same ages as Olivia, Matthew, and Camilla (12, 9, and 5). I babysit them quite frequently, and I feel qualified to share my position.

Frankly, I thought the events of their night were portrayed quite well. Don't get me wrong, my siblings wouldn't act like the Parker children did on any normal night, but that is exactly my point. This was not a normal day for the Parker family. Since when had AiO made episodes involving normal people in normal events during their normal days? If they wanted to do this, no one would listen to their show! Now back to the Parker children. While their actions were childish and irresponsible, the events of the night definitely could have happened. My siblings would not act that way on a normal night, but you wouldn't believe our stories about our abnormal ones.

When babysitting, it is important to watch out for the snowball effect. One thing leads to another, and events occur quickly. For an inexperienced babysitter, I could see things getting out of hand very quickly. I didn't find this part of the episode unrealistic. However, and unfortunately, I did find the ending entirely unbelievable.

Next, I want to farther address Maria. Why, in Jacob's words, would they include a 'surprise ending'. It makes absolutely no sense. Who would go to the trouble of hiring an actress to babysit their kids? Why the fake British accent? Why even exemplify the babysitter character whatsoever? Instead of a weak attempt at humor/interesting plot, why not use that time to address the consequences of our actions even farther, including direct Scripture or Mr. Parker's personal experience. This would deepen his character and bring more purpose to the show.

Finally, I feel driven to address the issue of the shows' lessons. Many have complained as they feel that Adventures in Odyssey episodes have lacked in their lessons. However, I feel that the issue is much deeper than that. AiO still includes morals. A character sums up the episode with (more or less) " The lesson we learned today is _____." True, they at least include these morals, but they are flat, two dimensional, without heart or meaning. Think of an Aesops fable. Each short story is outlined by a basic principle. They are clear, concise, and well organized. If AiO sticks with shallow morals, I sincerely hope that they include these qualities. Actually, I could care less whether AiO includes lessons or morals. They can go so much deeper than that. Instead of summing up the show with (for example) "be responsible", remember how Mr. Whittaker used to build on a short phrase like that? He would share his godly wisdom with us, not simply admonishing us for a poor choice, but explaining WHY it was wrong, HOW we should have instead acted, and WHAT we should do to make amends. He would take direct Scripture, break it down, and really explain WHERE we should go from there. The "lesson" of this show was shallow, and didn't leave me with the enlightenment from old albums I have come to enjoy. Please don't get me wrong. I truly enjoy AiO, and that is why I have shared my beliefs. Adventures in Odyssey can do so much better. The Parkers will probably never attain the status of the Barclays or the Jacobs, but they can help us to better understand the nature and will of God in the meantime.



Review by Candy Cane



I liked it. I love Brittish accents. They are awesome. The nanny twist really got me. But I didn't know the Parker children were so-well immature.. But it was pretty good.



Review by Cbriggs45 (Town of Odyssey)



this ep made me laugh and think..

i love the parker family. i think for me they are slowly becoming my favorite family from odyssey.

"i dont like sugar that much, maybe a spoonful at most." lol mary poppins.

the twist at the end even caught me off guard...

but this ep had a lot of funny parts that kept me locked in. even tho i was driving when i heard it (i own the album)

this is a ep i can listen to over and over 4 out of five star things.



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



I enjoyed this episode. It wasn't my favorite, but it was still good. I give it four stars out of five.



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


So the Parker's get a nanny! First impression: A nanny? Eww. I don't like that word. But I can't think of another word either. Oh well. We'll just leave it at that..

Did anybody else get reminded of "Grandma's Visit" while listening to this episode? Well, I did. And if root beer is their regular, wouldn't it have been the regular back then? Or not.

Now, if you have listened to the OAIOP, you would have known that the babysitter was played by the actress who played Gloria McCoy. Lights might have flashed when you heard her British accent? That might have signaled you off. And the fact that Maria/Charlotte didn't make a big deal about what Matthew did or even Camilla's movie. But seriously. Jurassic Park of Aliens (I think)? What was she thinking?! But, I really laughed when she was screaming. I started laughing, Jake started laughing, Tina started screaming, so it was pretty good.

This episode had a weaker moral to it, almost like a tossed-in one. A little like the Blackgaard saga, perhaps? Where not all episodes had much of a moral. However, it was still an enjoyable episode, that was slightly predictable, if you knew the clues.



Review by Joanne (Town of Odyssey)



Wow! This was a very fun episode, I ended up giving it 3/5 stars.

I agree with Marvin, it did remind me a lot of Grandma's Visit. While that wasn't necessarily bad, it did sound rather redundant. The episode overall was pretty funny and had some fun scenarios. I however, got kind of bored. It seemed to me that they went from one funny gag to another and the episode didn't have much of a point. Other than Hope L. all the actors did a good job. Sydney does a great job as Camilla and the part with her screaming was very funny.



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



Woot for a funny episode that kept me interested. The kids' voices are annoying as always, and I went "arg" when the "British nanny" arrived, but still...



Review by Laura Ingalls (Town of Odyssey)



I thought this episode was just average...nothing too exciting, and not really horrible either. I thought the thing thrown in right at the very end of Maria being an actress from the local theater company was odd and unnecessary. Saying that they had told the babysitter to let the kids make their own choices was one thing - but hiring an actress with a fake British accent? That's a little far-fetched for me...



Review by The Kings Daughter (Town of Odyssey)



I love this episode.

The characters were played wonderfully! I mean, face it, only a boy would try to wash dishes with a hose. Ahem, I'm sorry. It's a nice episode at the start of a most likely long day. Mr. Whittaker was nicely played if I'll ever get used to his voice, he listened to what happened and then gave advice like Whit does. Something that seemed a little stretched was, what ordinary family would hire an actress to test their children? I mean, it made the episode work out really nicely, but it just seem a little strange. And I'm kind of disappointed that 'Maria' is actually just a normal actress, I loved her voice from the start and was wishing she would appear in other episodes. Another reason I like this episode was the kids didn't do anything REALLY extraordinary. They acted like regular kids who get into some trouble when they think their old enough for something and make a mess of things. And in the end they saw their fault. This is going on my MP3 player when I get one.



Review by Wooton Blagard (Town of Odyssey)


I overall Liked this episode. I thought the things Matthew tried to do were so funny, and the line at the end "If i would of known that I would of tried allot of other things" just tied the whole thing up! I also loved the nanny twist at the end where she said she wasn't British! She had me fooled!


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