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"Sunday Morning Scramble"

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Review by Elizabeth



That is my favorite episode, because it's hilarious and also very true for some families. Tamica's part in the episode was awesome. Keep up the good work AIO!



Review by Diane



I Love this episode. There are so many funny one liners that my husband and I quote all the time. Definitely worth a listen if you want a good laugh.



Review by Daniel Snuggles



There are many great Adventures in Odyssey episodes. Some of them are comedies, some of them are dramas and some of them...we don't know what they are. Sunday Morning Scramble is probably the greatest Adventures in Odyssey episode ever. The Washington family's church life is very normal. They have been "10 minutes late to church for the last 8 years" according to Elaine Washington. But today is the day that they have to be on time. Put Bart Rathbone, Cheesecake, Paper Snowflakes and French Toast Sticks together and you get Sunday Morning Scramble! This episode is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Worth every minute in front of the radio. If you are a 'Chris-skipper' (skipping Chris' wrap up) don't skip her on this one. Bart Rathbone manages to get in twice after she begins. Out of all of the Adventures in Odyssey episodes of the 21st Century, Sunday Morning Scramble is one of the best. And of course "Don't you remember the snowflakes?"



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