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Review by Dave



Today's review of today's show is going to be boring. Because the show was boring. And usually when the show was boring, so are my reviews. Just so that you are warned.


With that in mind, let me get on with the review of "The Sacred Trust."


The storyline was rather simple. The whole idea of a sacred trust is rather old and wasn't particularly told in a new way. There were lots of long scenes that could of been shorter. There wasn't really much humor except when Connie was "attacked" by the vacuum cleaner. Classic. As I said in my review of "Connie," Eugene would be someone we could laugh with, er, at. This episode was great because of him.


The acting was fine. Will Ryan did a good job, of course and Whit was just his usual self. Lucy was very young-sounding but still okay. Lucy's friend was nice too. Connie was just Connie...really, she does have a lot of lessons to learn. But, for some weird reasons, Lucy's mom was the best character. Reminds me a little of my mom. The acting was okay there, but really, this episode is nothing to scream about.


The music, Sound FX and quality were just normal for that time. I liked the sound of the super-suction vacuum, though.


But, all of this is all good and well but what is my personal opinion, you may (or may not) ask? Well, this episode is, in general, just plain boring. Nothin' special, but not too bad either. Back then the writing and characters weren't as "developed" but I suppose episodes like this had to be there to let the characters and quality go up.


Boring, boring, boring. I guess that sums up this episode.



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