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"Thank You, God"

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Review by G'nl



If I had to choose an all time favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode, it would have to be this one. Not only is it one from the good old days, but it reaches back even farther into Mr. Whitaker's past, his childhood. This episode tells about when Mr. Whitaker became a Christian. His stepmother became blind, and he felt like it was his own fault. He couldn't understand why she was so happy all the time, when he wasn't. She taught him about joy and how true happiness is found in Christ. She also told him a quote that I love to this day, "Lord, I thank Thee for the roses. Help me to thank Thee for the thorns as well." I also love this episode because it includes Tom Riley's wife, Agnes before her illness. If you're thinking about listening to this episode, check it out! You won't regret it.



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