Reviews for
"Castles & Cauldrons I & II"
[#122, 123]

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Review by Brynna



I was looking forward to this episode when I downloaded it from iTunes the other day. A roleplayer myself, I was looking to see how they would represent the genre.,,I was sadly disappointing. Once again, the mainstream public has influenced how people perceive tabletop roleplaying games.,,Now, granted, there are SOME games out there that are bad, but not all roleplaying games are bad. But this episode made it out to seem like they were all that way; which they are not.,,The set-up was nice, if a little cliched. I give it points for mentioning a subject that I love, but totally destroying it in the process.



Review by Alice



I really like listening to the stories! It just make it so real and enjoyable.



Review by Peter G.



As a kid in the nineties who grew up with only a radio and no tv, this episode made me wary for the 'evil' games that the episode portrays. In my adult life I realized that it was taking a crack at Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs. When I discovered that, I lost a great amount of respect for AiO, FotF, and even Dr. Dobson as himself, as he introduces the episode.

Is there evil in the world? Yes, but its not found in games, it is found in choices - ones like terrorizing children to make a political point - not using your imagination.



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