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Free Episodes
Download Adventures in Odyssey episodes from our showcase of free episodes. Below is a complete listing of episodes which can be downloaded free from Focus on Family. To download an episode, right-click on each download link.


Released on the Official Podcast

FP5: You're Not Going to Believe This... | Download

054: Peace On Earth | Download
085: You Go to School Where?
| Download

099: The Barclay Family Ski Vacation | Download

141: Over the Airwaves | Download

144: Someone to Watch Over Me | Download

175: East Winds, Raining | Download

236: Into Temptation | Download

321: Hidden in My Heart | Download

384: Amazing Grace | Download

391: The Joke's On You | Download

415: Gloobers | Download

422: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion I | Download

423: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion II | Download

461: BTV: Obedience | Download

466: Snow Day | Download

467: Broken Window | Download

472: Welcoming Wooton | Download

539: Called On in Class | Download

586: A Cheater Cheated | Download

643: Kidsboro I | Download

644: Kidsboro II | Download

645: Kidsboro III | Download

???: Welcome to Whit's End | Download

737: The Pilot I | Download

738: The Pilot II | Download

751: The Ties That Bind I | Download


Released as PopUpisodes

Listen to episodes and view behind-the-scenes info trivia from select shows. Not available for direct download.


290: A Name, Not a Number I | Watch

631: A Capsule Comes to Town | Watch

632: Suspicious Finds | Watch

633: License to Deprive | Watch


Released by Focus on the Family

011: Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming | Download

051: Connie I | Download

052: Connie II | Download

646: Isaac the True Friend | Download

204: Wonderworld | Download

392: When In Doubt...Pray! | Download

646: Passages: Darien's Rise I | Download


Samples at the Odyssey Adventure Club
The following full episodes are available for streaming on the homepage of the Odyssey Adventure Club to give you a feel for the the audio quality within the Club. Click here to access them (located under "Odyssey Library Samples")


092: The Ill-Gotten Deed

633: License to Deprive

506: For Trying Out Loud

679: The Green Ring Conspiracy I

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