Blackgaard Saga Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes relating to the Blackgaard Saga.


Pre-Blackgaard Saga:

019: Recollections


Blackgaard Saga:

073: A Bite of Applesauce

074: Connie Goes to Camp, Part One

075: Connie Goes to Camp, Part Two

076: Eugene's Dilemma

077: The Nemesis, Part One

078: The Nemesis, Part Two

083: The Battle, Part One

084: The Battle, Part Two


Interlude Episodes:

128: One Bad Apple

155: Waylaid in the Windy City, Part One

156: Waylaid in the Windy City, Part Two

159: The Homecoming

160: A Rathbone of Contention

203: Double Trouble

286: Tom for Mayor, Part One

287: Tom for Mayor, Part Two

290: A Name, Not a Number, Part One

291: A Name, Not a Number, Part Two

293: A Code of Honor

301: The Good, the Bad, & Butch

314: The Underground Railroad, Part One

315: The Underground Railroad, Part Two

316: The Underground Railroad, Part Three


Blackgaard Saga (continued)

324: Small Fires, Little Pools

325: Angels Unaware

326: Gathering Thunder

327: Moving Targets

328: Hard Losses

329: The Return

330: The Time Has Come

331: Checkmate

332: Another Chance

333: The Last Resort

334: The Final Conflict


Post-Blackgaard Saga Episodes:

342: Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard

359: The Merchant of Odyssey

424: Blackgaard's Revenge, Part One

425: Blackgaard's Revenge, Part Two


Related Episodes (not part of saga):

072: An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper (Richard Maxwell mentions he is out of prison for good behavior)

079: Our Best Vacation Ever (the rebuilding of Tom Riley's barn)

202: Timmy's Cabin (Phillip Glossman re-appears)

440: I SLAP FLOOR (Bernard tells a story poking fun at Dr. Blackgaard)


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