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Episode ideas should not give away the entire story, but merely provide a teaser summary for the episode. Readers can fill in the blanks for themselves and imagine how the episode would turn out.



"A War of Inspiration"

Connie discovers that her overly-friendly, central character, grandfatherly figure is spending too much time in the Imagination Station. To combat this, she invents a new machine of her own and plants it in the soda shop for easier access. But when Whit goes into her invention to find inspiration, a different Whit comes out, causing devastating results.


"A Young Girl, The Odyssey Crew, and a Sad Story"

Grace is a mysterious girl, new in town and doesn't talk much of her family. But, when the Odyssey crew figures out her secret, will they provide her with what she needs the most or shrug her off their minds?

Submitted by Lydia Spencer


Mitch is in Budapest and he is talking to a friend of his there. Mitch is saying how much he misses an old friend in Odyssey, so his friend suggests that he take a vacation to go visit this girl. Meanwhile in Odyssey, Connie is telling Whit how much she remembers about her and Mitch, and how they had been great friends. Later when Connie is on the computer Mitch walks in and startles her.

Submitted by Brittini P.


"One Giant Leap For Eugene Melsner"

While Eugene is closing up Whit's End for Connie, he accidentally gets locked in the Imagination Station and sent on an adventure with Neil Armstrong to the moon. Will Eugene survive his space adventure and find his way back to the Bible Room, or will he discover that he's not the "Eugenius" that he thought he was?

Submitted by Caleb Walton


"Jack and Emily"

Have a story that goes back in time with Jack and his first wife Emily. You only mentioned her the beginning and end. You need to fill in the middle. Use the old story to deal with whatever is happening in his life currently...and you should bring Joanne back for the episode too. And put in something that has to do with spaghetti!

Submitted by Kelsey


"When the Seasons Turn"

Fall is on the way and with it comes surprises for the town of Odyssey. Emily Jones is learning to have patience with her broken leg, while Matthew Parker tries to take on the Jones and Parker Detective Agency alone. And what happens when Eugene thinks a mohawk would be better in the attempt to scare away birds?

Submitted by Amy E.


"Mr. Muffin"

The Parker family has broken thier "no pets" rule again and have taken in a stray cat. But trying to keep it from the refrigerator, the frequently filled bathtub, and last but not least, Mom's chair, has become stressful. Now the Parkers are having second thoughts about Mr. Muffin and maybe... future pets.

Submitted by Amy E.


"Romance of the Pages"

Connie Kendall is trying desperately to write a romance novel based on her relationship with Mitch. As much as she wants to do it, she just can't bear the pain of her memories with him. In a desperate attempt to deal with her feelings, she decides to take a trip to Budapest to reunite with Mitch. Along the way, the plane crashes and Connie is injured badly. While Mitch is in government training, he meets a girl named Rachel. he starts to fall in love with her. Rachel is a nurse in the local hospital and Connie is taken there. Rachel and Connie develop a strong friendship. While Connie is in rehab, she sees Mitch's car out the window. While trying to get Mitch's attention, she sees Rachel and Mitch share a kiss. Connie is instantly crushed inside and has a panic attack right then and there. Connie is escorted back to her room. When Rachel comes to check on Connie, Connie has an outburst of anger. Later she has an MRI and the doctors discover she has heavy brain damage. Connie is sent back to America and is put in a mental facility. After months in rehab, Connie is ready to go home. Connie counts on the comfort of Whit and her friends to help her. Once again she tries to write a novel, but decides to make the story lighter and not as depressing. Connie's friends give her a positive outlook on life, and Connie feels better. Connie finishes the book and decides to enjoy life again.

Submitted by Samantha Webb


"Love From Whit"

If you ask Connie, Whit's been really looking forward to seeing Wooton every morning. And what's so strange about that? Well, nothing, if Wooton wasn't the mailman. With letters from Scotland arriving regularly and Whit in a daze, Connie can almost contain her curiosity until she finds a letter signed "Love, Whit".

Submitted by Amy E.


"Falling Up"

Matthew Parker starts noticing disappearances all over town. First, it's only streetlights and stop signs here and there. Then plants and trees start vanishing right from where they were standing. But the trouble comes when one of the kids in his class at school disappears completely. So Matthew convinces Emily to help him interview the kid's parents about the vanishing. But after a few days, more kids and even adults start disappearing. The Jones & Parker Detective Agency is forced to go on a stakeout. All the facts point to Mr. Whittaker as the next victim. They keep watch in the bushes at his house, particularly looking for anything above his house. And just as the clock tower in the middle of town strikes 12 a.m., a UFO appears at the top of Whit's house. Matthew struggles to wake Emily up as a strange white beam shoots out of the middle of the strange floating spacecraft. Whit is pulled up through the air into the ship, and then the whole thing disappears. The next morning at Whit's End, Connie hears from both Lawrence Hodges and Jared DeWhite that they plan to come back to town and disprove all of this nonsense. Coming soon to a radio near you.

Submitted by Christian A.


"Recollections II"

A grownup Jenny from "Recollections" visits Whit's End and rekindles memories of how she met Whit at the Fillmore Recreation Center when she was a child.

Submitted by ODYSSEYFAN


"Old Friends"
A lot of old characters like Lucy, Curt and Jared etc. make an appearance on Adventures in Odyssey!

Submitted by John Thornton


"Bully Battle"
One day as Rodney Rathbone is picking on Isaac Morton, Isaac tells Rodney if he doesn't look out one day he'll be picked on. Rodney blows his comment off, but starts getting really scared that that will really happen. He dreams that a bully named Butch Brandenburg moves into a house next to him. There is a clash of wills as the bullies determine who will be in charge.

Submitted by Jason


"Finally Three"  (COULD BE A SAGA)

Eugene and Katrina prepare to adopt a child from another country. Unexpectedly, Katrina finally becomes pregnant. They struggle with what to do, but ultimately decide to not adopt the child they were already arranging to adopt. However, after a while, Katrina miscarries and suddenly they have no baby. After grieving, they contact the adoption agency to get the first child. Unfortunately, the baby has another family interested in adopting them. They struggle with whether they made the right decision in the first place, and God's will. And somehow, in the end, they end up getting the child even thought they had practically given up.

Submitted by Ellie K.


"A Missing Whit"

Strange things have happened before, but this? Is it possible? Whit is dead? Well, at least it seems so to the people in Odyssey, when an old enemy comes back to town.

Submitted by Bethany P.


"The Rathbone's Revenge"

Is it the end of Whit's End? It sure seems so when Bart Rathbone becomes mayor of Odyssey!



Katrina Meltsner finally gets up the courage to tell Eugene that she is pregnant. They decide not tell anyone until they know for sure that the baby will be okay. The next day at work Eugene struggles to not tell Connie and Whit the news. Meanwhile Katrina is experiencing the same problem. She makes up her mind to tell someone when she gets in a car crash, gets a concussion and goes unconscious.

Submitted by Eugtrina


"A Healing Hand"

When Grandma Lucia comes down with cancer, Olivia prays to God to heal her. But instead, a series of disasters complicates Olivia's life. First, their house is robbed, then her grades drop lower in school. When she realizes that all the things she cares about are fading away, she is even more desperate for Grandma Lucia to live. But where there is darkness, there is always a ray of hope...

Submitted by John Thornton


"I Do, Love You"

Connie is excited, thrilled - nervous. She is getting MARRIED!!! And to whom, do you ask? Who else? Mr. Jason Whittaker! A surprising turn of events occur in the busy task of getting ready. Connie can barely keep herself together. She screams when the phone rings, jumps at every sound, and even finds a random piece of paper to write out her vows for the hundredth time - ending in "becausing". But when Connie doesn't show up at rehearsal, everyone becomes worried and anxious. Has she been kidnapped? Will she return in time for the wedding?

Submitted by Connie's Vacuum



Katrina's been acting really weird lately. Eugene can't find out what's wrong with her either. Katrina tells Eugene she is pregnant. Eugene is really excited to tell everyone that they are pregnant, but Katrina wants to make sure that everything is okay with the baby until they tell everyone. Eugene goes into work the next day and everyone can tell he is keeping a secret. Connie tries to figure out what's up and Eugene won't tell her for Katrina's sake. When Eugene gets home he tells Katrina that he can't keep the secret any more. So Eugene and Katrina go to Whit's End the next day and tell everyone they are pregnant.

Submitted by Tara (Eugtrina)


"Missing Connie"

When Connie is looking for a job, she decides to check out the agency that Jason and Tasha were in, she accepted and starts on a big case. While working with Jason, she gets kidnapped and held hostage. But, when Jason comes to save her she becomes lost and no one can find her, until Tasha comes on to the case.

Submitted by Camilla P.


"Thespians Unite"

Edwin Blackgaard takes an adventure in the Imagination Station to the time of William Shakespeare, but it isn't quite what he expected. Still, he insists upon teaming up with William Shakespeare in the Globe Theater. Discouraged when Shakespeare dislikes his ideas, he goes around England trying to find someone who can help him. He eventually finds the person... in the form of a peasant!

Submitted by The Odyssey Expert


"A New World"

When Mitch mysteriously shows up, he confesses his deep love for Connie. After certain consideration Mitch asks Connie to marry him. Unexpectedly Whit and Eugene sees him purpose and start planning, but will Connie say yes or will she turn down his offer?

Submitted by Moriah H.


"Return of Mitch"

Breaking News: Mitch is back in town! He retired from the F.B.I and now he wants Connie as his bride. But as it turns out, Connie has held a grudge ever since he left her. He tries everything. He brings her flowers, takes advice from Whit, and even kidnaps Connie for a picnic at Trickle Lake. Will Connie get over her anger, or will her anger turn into bitterness and hate?

Submitted by Mystery Writer



The Parker and Jones families decide to go on a backpacking trip in the mountains outside Connellsville, but when Matthew and Barrett get lost, Emily gets deathly ill, and the families get separated in a snow storm. Will they all make it out okay? And more important, will Barrett's faith stay intact after his questions about God working all things together for good?

Submitted by Jon


"The Inspiration Station, Revisited"

One of Whit's inventions "The Inspiration Station" is tried out again by Whit himself after long unuse. But something goes wrong. When Whit comes out of the machine, he has a different mind. No longer is he inspired, but uninspired! The machine has reversed! But no one has done anything with the machine. Someone has been toying with it. Who could it be? It's up to the Odyssey crew, minus Whit, to find out.

Submitted by Aaron Barrow


"Temporarily Love"

Connie has been in weird mood-swings ever since Mitch left her to go to Budapest. Even Mr. Whittaker notices something. Finally, when he decides to bring it up, Connie spills everything. She tells him that she's been having weird daydreams about him and can't seem to get him out of her mind. Mr. Whittaker takes all this to heart, and secretly plans Mitch's arrival back to Odyssey. It's all set up and Connie has absolutely no idea! Then one day, Mr. Whittaker announces he's going to take a drive and pick up someone very special and bring him back to Whit's End (in other words, pick Mitch up from the airport). Connie question's this, but Mr. Whittaker doesn't answer but leaves. When Mr. Whittaker returns, Connie's astonished to find Mitch in the car with him! Mitch steps into Whit's End and everything seems great. Mitch tells her about his journeys and about what he's done so far, and Connie tells him everything that happened to her. Connie gets over-obsessed about him again, and finds out he's living at a hotel in Connellsville. Connie couldn't be more happy, and Mitch and Connie spend the weeks together doing fun things. Then one day, they decide to go up to Trickle Lake and have a picnic. And while they sit and talk, Mitch spills the beans about going back to Budapest! Connie becomes very upset and asks, "Why are you leaving me again?" Mitch tells her that this was only a temporary vacation and that he had to go back. It was his job. But Connie doesn't understand and suddenly tells him that if he wasn't going to stay he shouldn't have come in the first place. Then she leaves without saying anything else. Mitch decides it would be best to leave early when Connie keeps ignoring him. He leaves a secret note on her porch before he leaves and then lets Mr. Whittaker take him to the airport. Connie wakes up the next morning to find the note. It reads: "Connie, I have no way to express the feelings I have toward you. I'm very sorry that I have to leave now... And I promise that one day I'll come back for good, and not just a vacation. Love, Mitch." Connie is overwhelmed and decides that she was acting foolish about Mitch. She decides that she was glad he came, even if it was only temporarily, and looks forward to his promise of coming back one day for good.

Submitted by Michelle H.


"To Lie or Not to Lie"

Cryin' Bryan Dern doesn't have anything to talk about on his show. He starts making up stories, but he's about to tell his biggest story yet: that Eugene and Connie work together in the FBI and are spies. Meanwhile, Emily Jones tells Mr. Whittaker that she solved a baffling case on her own without Matthew's help, but Matthew actually solves the case. Can Emily and Bryan Dern own up to the truth before it's too late?

Submitted by Jon


"More Fun Than a Barrel of...?"

Eugene is swept far far down river inside one of Tom's apple barrels.

Submitted by Jake D.


"Backwards Day"

Fed up with all the arguments between Connie and Eugene, Whit puts them in a new program in the Room of Consequence that puts Connie in Eugene's life and Eugene in hers.

Submitted by Finn H.


"A Blue Box Named T.A.R.D.I.S."

A man walks in to Whit's End and thinks that the Imagination Station is really the T.A.R.D.I.S. from the BBC science fiction show Doctor Who, and claims that Whit is a time lord from Gallifrey.

Submitted by Stephen C.


"A Different Way to Think"

A new kid named Spencer moves in to town and all seems normal... until Connie notices that Whit is spending a lot of time with him. Connie would investigate, but she has made a deal with Eugene not to meddle for one month. To overcome her curiosity, Connie asks Whit anyway and Whit tells her that Spencer had Asperger's disorder when he was little. When Connie finds out what Asperger's is, she becomes over-protective of Spencer. Spencer explains that he no longer has the worst of Asperger's, but will think and process information differently. At the end Spenser gives Whit an idea for a brand new Imagination Station adventure claiming "Imagination is my best asset!"

Submitted by Stephen Caroe


"For Whom the Wedding Bells... Break?"

One normal day at Whit's End, Jenny, Whit's granddaughter, walks through the doors. Whit says, "Jenny! Oh, it's good to see you!" A man walks up, says "Are you gonna introduce me?" Whit says, "Jenny, who's this?" Jenny replies, "Grampa,this is David Nielson. He's my fiancé."

Submitted by Wyatt O.


"He's Alive!"

The gang at Whit's End is telling all of the new kids like the Parkers about their great adventures. Connie says, "Whit, don't forget about Dr. Blackgaard." Whit replies, "Oh, please don't, Connie." But Connie tells the story anyway. It switches over to someone shuffling through an alley. It's Phillip Glossman. He says, "Good, you're here." "Of course, my dear Mr. Glossman; Dr. Regis Blackgaard is always on time! Now let's get down to business."

Submitted by Wyatt O.


"Babysitter Connie"

Katrina has a baby named Cleo and Eugene hates the pain of being a parent. So he asks Connie to watch her for a while. Will Connie or Cleo survive? And Eugene learns to put up with being a parent.

Submitted by Tiffany


"A Friend Returns"

Jared DeWhite comes to Whit's End on a secret case for the government. He is after a criminal named Peter Klistan. He asks Whit if he can borrow some computer equipment to do the job. He also asks for some help along the way, so Connie, Eugene, and Jared become a dynamic duo. At the end, they realize that the whole thing was merely a hoax.

Submitted by AIO Freak


"How Long Ago?"

This episode gives us a special look into the future! Olivia is a missionary, Barrett and Priscilla are married musicians, Wooton finally married Penny after she became a Christian, Emily has become a judge, Mitch has come back and he's dating Connie, and Matthew is a soldier. But Ryan on the other hand has become a scientist who doesn't believe in ''Christian Fairy tales''. They're joining together for Christmas this year. On the way Ryan's wife becomes pregnant, but the catch is, there aren't any rooms in any hotels because of a blizzard. In the warm basement of Whit's End, Ryan realizes he's been living his life in the dark too long. His wife gives birth to a son, and they both give their lives to the Lord. [if wanted, it can be a dream Mathew or Camilla had.]

Submitted by Josiah Jenks


"Love Me Again"

Connie is depressed and lonely. Lately, she's been thinking a lot about Mitch and missing him, wondering what if she had married him. Connie meets a guy named Ryan at her art class and they become close friends. In the meantime, Mitch has dated different girls, but still misses Connie, so he comes back to Odyssey to start over with her. Mitch goes to Whit's End, but overhears her talking to Ryan about their date. Mitch feels hurt and tries to talk to her, but Connie said he would have to prove he would stay. As time goes on, Mitch falls in love with Connie all over again, but Ryan seems to have stolen her heart. Will Connie ever love Mitch the same way?

Submitted by Mary Jenks


"Good or Bad? Parts 1 & 2"

You won't believe it! Skint is back in town! [Green Ring Conspiracy] And he wants Buck to re-join him. To do so, he's been bugging Buck when no one is around. Buck is scared and has a dream that Mr. Skint is at every corner that he turns. He even hides cameras in trees to prove he's not going crazy as everyone says. He shows it to Detective Polehaus. Whit finds out and gives Buck advice on courage to stand up to Mr. Skint. Can he do it?

Submitted by Josiah Jenks


"The Meltsner Twins"

Eugene and Katrina have twins! Everyone is excited, and Connie starts wondering if she should host baby showers instead of wedding planning.

Submitted by Hope


"Sgt. York Told by An Amateur"

Jason chases Mr. Grote. They have a skirmish, and Mr. Grote gets Jason's gun. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mitch, the returning hero, knocks the gun out of Mr. Grote's hand and handcuffs him. The FBI cart Mr. Grote off, and Mitch and Jason return to Odyssey to find that Monica Stone is out of jail and has accepted Jesus. Mitch and Connie get married and have their honeymoon in Budapest, While Jason and Monica get married and go on top secret missions together. All is well in Odyssey, but a big surprise awaits everyone as Whit's End is handed down to Nick Mulligan.

Submitted by Michah Folkers



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