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Contest Opens This Saturday!

By | June 5, 2014

ScoopYourselfGet ready, fans! We’re getting ready to announce a special contest in which you have another chance to win Adventures in Odyssey prizes.

On Saturday, June 7th at 10:00 AM EST, we will be making our official announcement on how you have a chance to be one of ten winners. We will be giving away an Adventures in Odyssey album to each of our winners!

Of course, you will definitely want to show up at that time because this contest is more time-sensitive in nature. In other words, check back to The Odyssey Scoop on Saturday!

Oh, and last time we checked, no one has really ever been able to figure out where Odyssey is… or have they?

  • Charlene Stephens

    Oh totally!I have made it my life goal that I need to figure out where it is…and I believe it is actually around where I live now!! Lafayette, IN.. lol!

  • No comprendo. (Hopefully I spelled that correctly.)

  • crystal

    I have figured it out it is ohio! because i think as i was listening to the lost episodes they were saying something about it being in ohio

  • 10 AM EST? Isn’t that like 7 AM PST? A little early for me

  • Karina

    I think its PA because it has a connellsvile and not far from Chicago

  • David Brubaker

    Interesting contest, ill stay tuned.

  • Shay

    Nine A.M.? D= So. Early. For. Saturday. *dies* Not cool. But I’ll be here. Fo sho. B] I like contests.

  • Shay

    (It’ll be nine here. =p)

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