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What’s the Scoop on the Upcoming Odyssey Adventure Club?

By | October 19, 2013

Odyssey Adventure ClubIt seems to be a topic of discussion among fans in recent days. When does the Odyssey Adventure Club launch? How much does it cost to join? What will be included as a member? We’ve provided a majority of the details for the upcoming new opportunity from Focus on the Family, producers of Adventures in Odyssey:

The Odyssey Adventure Club will include:

1. The entire 726+ episodes of AIO streamed instantly to you on your computer or iOS device.

2. Additional episodes including: “Family Portraits” Officer Harley episodes, access to some of the “Dusty Episodes” (episodes never released for various reasons), Adventures in Odyssey video series, Last Chance Detectives audio series, Last Chance Detectives video series, and select Focus on the Family Radio Theatre titles.

3. Brand-new exclusive Adventures in Odyssey episodes of the month which also include bonus content: a real story video documentary about the episode, Web Quests (activities), comics, hands-on projects, learning the language, maps, history, games, and more.

4. A daily devotional to read every morning.

5. A monthly subscription to Adventures in Odyssey’s Clubhouse magazine.

6. PopUpisodes: Adventures in Odyssey episodes featuring behind-the-scenes photos and trivia as the episode plays.

7. A community of fans to interact with inside the Odyssey Adventure Club. This is a great way for fans to connect.

8. Information about other ministries and organizations and how they’re impacting the world.

How much does the Odyssey Adventure Club cost and how do accounts work?
At the moment, the plan is geared for families for a monthly subscription to the club for $15 a month. A credit card is required for signup, plus age verification (18+ can manage the subscription). Billing takes place at the beginning of the month. Each membership includes four additional user accounts that fans don’t have to be 18 or older to use. This allows for members of a family to maintain their own account with their very own club experience. So in essence, families are able to share the membership with a parental account to manage all four.

Plus, a percentage of membership proceeds are given to world relief and ministry organizations on a monthly basis to build churches, dig wells, provide livestock, or pass out vaccinations.

Who can join?
The Odyssey Adventure Club will be available for everyone in the world to join. The goal is for families to subscribe and share the service together, hopefully at an affordable level.

When is the official launch of the Odyssey Adventure Club?
January 2014.

Stay Informed
You can sign up for official emails from the Odyssey team as news about the club becomes available. You can opt in for emails here.

Share Your Thoughts
Now that more details about the Odyssey Adventure Club are available, what are you most excited about? How do you feel about price and content? Will you be joining the club? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

  • crystal

    I think 15 dollars a month is a little high for those people that don’t have that much money. I wouldn’t be able to afford it! i really would like to join because than i wouldn’t have to check out the cd’s from the library and i am a huge adventures in odyssey fan! Maybe you could offer discounts so those who don’t have that much money be able to afford it!

    • Jena H.

      Maybe you can find someone who wants to share the account with you.


        yeah, 4 people can be on one account i think…

        • SparkyHappyGiraffe

          Where did you hear/read that ODYSSEYLOVER?

          • ODYSSEYLOVER

            sorry, i meant 4 users (in 1 household) per account. I think that’s what they said in the email we got.

  • Jena H.

    Wow, sounds amazing. I am sooooo excited. I love adventures in odessey!!! One question, will the episode every day still be going when the adventure club comes out? January can’t come soon enough. 🙂


    Okay, that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool! (As Don Iowa would say!) I absolutely cannot WAIT TO GET THE SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    Ya know, that info is about as exciting as the ScoopYourself contest results… 🙂 Any estimate date on when they will be revealed? I saw the recent blog post…

  • For me personally, I don’t think I would pay to join the club. Since I own a lot of the albums anyways. And I’m already subscribed to Clubhouse Magazine.

    I posted this on another blog talking about the OAC. But I want your opinion, Jacob.

    Do you know if later in the year (December 2014 or after), when all the exclusive episodes are released, would you be able to go back and listen to them? And just pay $15 at the end of the year instead of $15 throughout the year? Or do you have to pay to be in the club before January 2014 is over?

    Besides, I bet FotF will release the exclusive episodes sometime in 2015. >.> And then the people who payed $180 in 2014 will be mad. xD

    • I personally think the price model may be a little high when compared with Netflix which features thousands of movies for only $7.99 per month. Odyssey only has 700+ episodes to choose from, videos, etc. $15 a month, to me, seems a bit high and will probably alienate a lot of listeners… especially those like me who own every single album already and want to be able to hear the OAC exclusive episodes released each year. I imagine the price will start out at $15 and will probably have to be adjusted depending on the number of users initially subscribed. People will only pay what they agree to pay.

      • David

        Yes great idea. But i only think i would pay around $5. Hopefully they can lower it a bit. But i think if they lower it it might hurt their how well their cds sell. So idk.

  • Ben

    By providing content to an exclusive number of people (“the club”), you’re inadvertently excluding a number of people who like the show but don’t have the financial means to afford it. Frugal, lower class families won’t want to spend $15 a month on this stuff. They’ll want to spend the $15 for an album either on their child’s birthday, Christmas, and maybe a few weeks before that summer car trip. They’ll want it to feel like a gift that can be owned- and not a streamed content that you don’t get to even keep. I’m estimating that a family nowadays will spend $60 dollars a year on Odyssey products – not 180$. Families like to spread the adventures apart and have the choice whether or not to listen to them together.

    At least, that’s what families wanted when I was younger.

    Maybe families are changing. Maybe they don’t care about owning stuff any-more, but getting the content as easily as freely as possible. Maybe they don’t want to listen as families, but just want something to keep the kids busy for a few hours. “Binge-listening” satisfies our needs so much more.

    Even though families will initially be put off by the 15 dollars (compared to the 8 dollar Netflix deal), it’s really in the family’s financial interest to join the club. My series has probably cost over a $1000 dollars (cassette albums cost about 25 dollars when I was a kid) but kids nowadays will be able to listen to the whole series for about $180 dollars. And, yes, I believe they’ll get through the series within a year.

    This netflix business model is also in Focus’ best interest, too. Investing in the show has always been daunting ever since the show past its 500th episode. I’m sure the Focus has noticed that people haven’t been investing in the older albums like they used to. A child, or teenager, with the use of their parent’s credit card, will sit and listen to the adventures for hours on end – over and over again – which is great – and a great way to its newest listeners caught up with the show quickly.

    The problem, however, is that a large percentage of the show’s audience already have the albums. Do I want to pay 15 dollars a month? For anyone who already has listened to the albums, or enjoys collecting them, the club is a pretty poor deal. Families might like the fact that the kids have a safe, online environment, with the daily devotionals…but me? Yeah, I’m not dishing 180 bucks a year for the 2ish albums they give me.

    But how else am I going to get the albums? They sound exclusive. And, if they are exclusive, how long are they exclusive for? Are they going to be released on CD a year later? Or ever? That’s no fun. Would anyone continue to watch a television show they knew a good portion of the show was being offered to an exclusive audience somewhere else? I wouldn’t. No one would. Audience numbers would drop drastically. I also think there’d just be complete confusion and mayhem about which new episodes were going to be released where – so that would have been communicated clearly.

    So, all in all, I have mixed feelings. It sounds to me like the club really benefits new listeners. Families with younger listeners would be smart to jump on this deal. However, depending on how some of these specifics pan out, it sounds like the subscription wouldn’t retain any long-time members. Families would subscribe to it for a year – maybe two – then drop out once they had heard all of the episodes several times, realizing they don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for the one or two albums they have yet to listen to.

  • Jolly O Leary

    My biggest concern is the elitist attitude behind this concept. That makes it no longer a ministry. If you cannot, or chose not to participate in the club, then you are a second class citizen who can only listen to whatever is provided over the radio (assuming they even continue with that). Odyssey started as a radio ministry targeting families and the online approach seems to separate families into their own spaces. People do not gather around the computer………I really hate missing out on the new episodes but after 6 years of on and off employment and being only in a temporary job now, I will not sign up for anything that has a contract attached to it. I do not think this was thought through well.

  • Ryan Schalm

    These new details make me a bit more and a bit less excited about The Club at the same time.

    If I had not been an avid fan of all things Odyssey for the past twenty years, this would be a very attractive offer. The sad fact is that, for Odyssey biggest consumers, the OAC provides very poor value. Streaming of every episode? Great, but I already own them. Radio Theatre? Smashing, but same problem. Last Chance Detectives and Family Portaits? Ditto. The Dusty Episodes hold some attraction, but if Focus is willing to let these episodes be heard again, I’d rather they bundle them as an album (even if it must be digital-only, à la Family Portraits). All of the above fall in the “nice to have, but not worth spending money on” category.

    The return of PopUpisodes and the inclusion of behind-the-scenes features for episodes is potentially exciting, but will most likely not satisfy the hardcore fans. We long-timers know so much about Odyssey, through previously released bonus material, the Podcast, and even through speaking with the crew behind the show firsthand at special events. Will there be enough content in the PopUpisodes to justify the price? Not likely, but I always enjoy learning more about the process of creating the media I consume, be it radio, TV, film or video game.

    My desires in a nutshell: I wish for the “exclusive” episodes to be released in album format, and I wish for that to be announced before the Club starts, so that neither I nor any other listener feel compelled to pay $15 to hear each one. I will not be listening to the episodes until such a package exists.

    Altogether, the Odyssey Adventure Club has some great stuff to offer new fans, or non-collectors, but the price of entry is far too great for someone who already owns most of the media on tap, and that’s what makes the exclusive episodes a problem. Those exclusive episodes appeal specifically to longtime, hardcore fans, and whether Focus intended it or not, those are exactly the fans who are essentially barred from hearing them.

    We recently had the same problem with bonus content for Odyssey albums; remember how just a short while ago, only those who bought the digital albums had access to behind-the-scenes bonuses, with CD capacity being cited as the culprit that prevented physical album owners (“the collectors”) from hearing and watching them? This may not have affected most of the listening audience, but I can assure you that Focus took the criticisms of that distribution model seriously, and the bonus content situation for Vol. 57 (enhanced CDs with compressed bonus material, as well as a free digital download) is a needed improvement.

    Focus knows we’re unhappy with the Club’s pricing and exclusivity, but maybe we need to let them know more directly. If you feel strongly that this is not the business model that Odyssey should pursue, write to Focus and let them know. Take the time to think your argument through intelligently, and remember to account for the fact that The Club may simply not be targeted at you. The Odyssey Team cares about how we feel and wants our feedback; let’s give it to them.

  • ALF

    Wow, been a long time since I’ve been on here. Honestly, I think this is kind of an annoying idea, just because not everyone can pay $15 a month. And what they’re offering is a lot of stuff that the less-rich fans out there will be excluded from. It’s almost like they’re bribing us to join the club so as to get free stuff. But then again, to join a club like that would be awesome. 🙂

  • SparkyHappyGiraffe

    Awesome, sounds too cool!

  • Jonathan

    I’m a long term, die hard fan who owns not only every album, but every episode. I’m not joining the club for the reasons put forth by Ryan and Ben. And, if they don’t make these exclusive episodes available in the future, they risk losing a fan. Oh sure, I’ll keep listening to the albums I already own on my commute, but I won’t follow or listen to the new episodes anymore.

    • Homeschool5


      • Jonathan

        Why follow the show when I’ll be missing out on half of the episodes produced every year?

        • Joy

          Do ya have to have internet for the club

  • Homeschool5

    I think that 15$ a month isn’t that bad for all of those things!

    • Lathia

      I just got my T-SHIRT ODYSSEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

    • Lathia

      Im homeschooled too!!

  • FollowGod

    Wow!! There sure are a lot of mad people out there. If it seems too high, don’t join. You can’t please everyone. I just think it’s sad to see all these comments from Christians. I don’t feel excluded. If you wanted to you could make that argument about anything. Not being able to listen to the radio program because of the time it comes on or not having a radio. I could go on but I think I’ve made my point. Your life is not going to be disastrous if you miss out on some episodes. It’s not necessarily going to be better if you listen. Gods word is the most important. This is entertainment!! Very grateful that it’s wholesome and teaches godly character, but in the end it’s entertainment.

  • Momof3

    I just found out how much it costs. Although $15 does not seem a lot, that it not an amount we can add to the budget each month. My kids have really enjoyed being able to listen to Adventures in Odyssey over the internet. We live in Canada and, therefore, don’t even have the opportunity of listening to it on the radio once a week. I am really sad that my kids (and I too) will miss out on hearing Adventures in Odyssey.

  • Matt Boyer

    $15 a month and it’s limited to iOS or computer? That’s crazy…

  • Stephanie Ziebarth

    The biggest thing that seems to be missing from the comments below is that this is a chance to GIVE. We are actively participating in the ministry of not only Focus on the Family (the ministry that has blessed us with Adventures in Odyssey), but also the world relief ministries with whom Focus is partnering. The fact that there are so many perks is an opportunity for us to teach our children at a young age what a ministry partnership can look like. Hopefully as our children participate we can emphasize to them the giving and partnering aspect, and that all the perks just give us a glimpse of how God blesses our ministry participation. In fact, we’ll want to make sure to teach the long-term truth that the real treasure is actually in heaven, rather than downloadable for instant enjoyment. Acts 20:35.

  • OdysseyFan

    I think they should have a “Bronze Membership” with access to the new content and some of the features… especially to Interact maybe for $5/mo. then the Silver Level with more exclusive content like a full archive of the monthly episodes… and all the 726+ episodes with the bonus stuff like pop-upisodes… etc. then a “Gold” Membership (maybe for only 1 person, that would have all that plus merchandise for like $25/month AOC Shirt, Calendar, pens, etc. 🙂

    • Adventure Mom

      Agreed, a graduated membership for different family budgets would be appreciated. We’ll just stick to the radio. I understand it’s not an exclusion of our family but a choice we have to make with 5 kids on a very limited budget.
      Keep up the great work and I hope there are enough people who join to keep AiO on the air.

      • MomofHJDJC

        A graduated membership is a GREAT idea – I loved the thought of this OAClub for our 10 year old, but our situation is similar – 3 kids (having 2 teenagers includes driving and college costs : ) ), one income – $15 /mo. is too much for us. Still I think this club is a SUPER idea for the upcoming generation – may God bless it and use it for HIS glory!

  • BOB

    CANADIANS CANT JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellen

    I do not like the “giving to a ministry” part mixed with the membership, when the total is $180 a year! Can this club be more affordable and then have opportunities to give to a ministry separately? My kids LOVE earning money and saving up to give to ministries, but this doesn’t feel like giving it feels like spending. For parents as well, we give more freely to ministries than we spend on ourselves of our kids. If you separate out the giving part then more families can join and kids can adults can joyfully give to ministry needs.

    Otherwise it sounds fantastic, just the cost is way too high for most families. Especially, as another post mentioned, it’s more a month than Netflix (we go to the library in lieu of Netflix, so I guess we’ll keep going to the library for old Adventures In Odyssey episodes too).

  • melissa

    In the above statement it says that everyone in the world can join. Why is it only open to Americans. I am a Canadian who has been a die hard odyssey fan for years and it bothers me that it is not available to me!

  • A.

    I’m diss appointed it’s not available to Canada and I hope that changes, I do feel the price is a bit high for us…. Even as a family with one child we are a one income household….i don’t really agree with proceeds going to charity idea, I give as much as I can to charities of my choice seperatly….different packages a available would be best in my opinion,with the magazine as an option and with the option to add a charity donation…

    • Carene.

      KJV:Acts 2:38-39.Than peter said unto them repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of jesus christ,for the remission of sin and ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost.KJV:Acts 2:39.For these promises are unto you and to your children and all that are afare off even as many as the lord our god shall call.

      I am a,APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN and I belive theres only 1 god and jesus is his name.


      • Carene

        Jesus is the rock of my salvation.

  • Joy

    I paid a total of $250 to OWN all of Your Story Hour stories (bought through an annual membership. This made each 4 hour volume cost me roughly $7. Now I OWN them all and each of my kids can listen to them over and over again. What bothers me about this membership is that I can never own the stories. My kids are young and just now the age where they would be able to enjoy these stories. If I were to be a member for the next 10 years (the foreseeable duration of time when these stories will be of most value to my kids), I will have paid $1,800 and still have nothing to show for it in the end. I don’t lease cars, I don’t rent my home. I like owning things.

    What if you offered a plan where after so many months/years of membership, you are locked in as a “lifetime member” and no longer have to pay the monthly fee?

    Also, I am really only interested in the stories and will not be using any other features offered in the monthly membership.

    Lastly, if the fee were only $5 a month (even just for past episodes, as it will take us a long while to listen to all of the old ones), I wouldn’t worry so much about owning the material, because $5 is so nominal that I wouldn’t think twice. Having digital access would be worth it to me to not have the hassle of storing all the volumes on my own device.

  • Haley

    I’m not a member because it costs too much per year to waste money just to be a member. In my opinion, it should be $5 or even FREE to accommodate the money people have these days. $15 is just too much and it causes people to splurge money they don’t have and it’s not like everyone in the United States and Canada are rich. People have only enough money just to feed and clothe and pay their bills not pay for a stupid membership per month. So I hope that you OdysseyScoop people and Focus on the Family and the Odyssey Adventure Club see this post and reconsider the price that families can pay not what they can’t pay.


    A concerned fan

  • Emily

    @Haley I don’t think it should be free, although 5-10 dollars a month sounds good. I really like that the give you magazines and that they allow you to have all the episodes. $15 is a bit pricy, but I do think that it’s a pretty good deal. @Joy, yes you are right, we should be able to own Odyssey episodes for a cheaper fee, although not all, because that wouldn’t be fair to the ones who can’t afford OAC.

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