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Actors’ Picks Album: “Our Favorites”

By | November 29, 2012

Just when you thought you were full from Adventures in Odyssey’s 25th anniversary birthday cake, another dose of excitement enters the scene!

Building off the popularity of the AIO Platinum, Encore, and Silver collections, the Odyssey team is getting ready to release another special audio compilation of episodes: Our Favorites. Look for it May 2013.

Adventures in Odyssey cast members have compiled their favorite episodes from the past 25 years. Learn why these episodes rise to the top for the voices of Odyssey while you listen to over 6 hours of values-based entertainment. Don’t miss the special bonus feature of the live 25th Adventures In Odyssey Birthday Bash show recorded in Dallas on June 16, 2012.

We introduced a brand-new product page for Our Favorites in which you can see the full listing of episodes included in the collection. In addition, you’ll see that a bonus DVD is also included which features the entire live 25th recording in Dallas, Texas during June 2012.

The Odyssey team is always full of new surprises. Keep checking back as we bring you more deets, images, and news in the days ahead!

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