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By | August 19, 2012

When are we not trying to improve The Odyssey Scoop experience? Today we’re opening our comments back up to post-moderation. As you read our blog posts in the days ahead, feel free to comment and discuss the content. Your posts will appear in real time, allowing for more interaction about the topic at hand.

Instead of moderating comments before they appear on the site, we’re going back to a system of post-moderation so you won’t have to wait for long amounts of time if another user has replied to your comments. Instead, we will be actively watching all comments posted and making sure they remain appropriate.

As always, we’d like you to stay on topic, if possible. We use Disqus on our blog, so you are subject to their terms and conditions. Disqus provides a network of communication in which you can freely participate in our blog discussions, nudge other comments up or down, and more. Happy commenting!

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