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AIO Wiki Announces Adventures in Odyssey Audio Player App

By | May 29, 2012

Good news for Android users! If you love Adventures in Odyssey and are waiting for an AIO app in which you can listen to episodes as they air daily, wait no longer. Android’s mobile users can now download the Adventures in Odyssey Audio Player app on Google Play.

It’s all part of AIO Wiki’s efforts to bring Adventures in Odyssey to fans at an easily-accessible level. In addition to streaming the latest shows, users of this new app can access additional free episodes and podcasts.

Of course, if i you’re wondering if our friends at Focus on the Family are planning on getting in on the app bandwagon, planning stages have begun for an official Adventures in Odyssey app. What would this app have to offer Odyssey fans of all backgrounds? Stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted as news develops.

  • Tigersncats4me

    So happy about this!

  • JuliaPJ

    so cool! my dad has an android.. ill get him to load it =)
    does anyone know if there will be (or is already) an apple app?

    • Mary

       wow yu are fast!! i cant believe yu beat me!!

  • Connie_Kendall

    awwwwww, i don’t have an android :( sad

  • Connie_Kendall

    i’m glad for you who can get it!


      same here! :) i don’t have one but happiness to everyone else!

  • Brittany Kimble

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a android!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Connie_Kendall


      • brittany k

        yep! I am!:)

    • Mary

       lucky!!! :)


    I want an android! :) Actually I don’t need one though – I have plenty already. :) Though this would be cool…:)

  • Odysseygirl105

    Is there a apple app? I have a iPhone and I was wondering…

  • Mary


  • Guest

    Any one here really great at and own their own mac book? REDDO from aiowiki said he would help out any one who could create an app for iphones and ipod touches! just comment on aiowiki in reply to him if you can! plus I’ll send the message across! 😀 thanks!

  • KJohnson

    No iOS version?

  • Guest

    Still waiting 2 + years for Apple app… What gives?

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