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Sarah Pratchet Update
Back in the day, we tried to hype up a redesign of the site. Enough said.



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Approximate Running Time: 23 sec.


The Sarah Pratchet Update was released on the website in October 2001. At the beginning of September 2001, a design change was badly needed and the current design was becoming unneeded and worn out. To be released on November 10, 2001, the new design followed a basic red layout with black background. This was the point in time that new sections such as Interviews, AIO FAQ, and Actors & Crew debuted on the website. Along with the new sections came the popular AIO Wheel of Fortune game which proved to be a big hit for fans. The Sarah Pratchet Update was intended to tease the listener and prepare them for the "fresh start."

Behind the Scenes

Sarah Pratchet didn't really show up at the studio to record her lines. In reality, Sarah Pratchet's voice is not even real! Jacob recorded his voice into an audio program and then synthesized his voice to make it sound as if it were really coming from a girl! It wasn't very convincing.

Did You Know?
The Odyssey Scoop used to be hosted by Yahoo! Geocities at one time. Finally, due to ads and other problems, a new server was required, and a prominent domain was chosen.





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