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The Odyssey Tattler 2: Special Live Report
So much for a quiet, peaceful town, where the sidewalks are rolled up at dinner.



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Approximate Running Time: 2 min.


A wave of terror has hit the town of Odyssey! Residents are running, screaming, shoving each other out of the way to save their very lives. Odyssey is in chaos, and this live Odyssey Tattler report covers it all. Will Odyssey ever get back to normal, and will we ever find out who did this awful act of evil?

Behind the Scenes

Like the previous Odyssey Tattler sound clip, The Odyssey Tattler 2: Special Live Report was a stressful project. Writing the script for the two-minute broadcast took some effort, and mixing in appropriate sound effects wasn't easy. In order for Bernard Walton to say what we needed to, the producer edited Bernard's line around to say, "I started with just a squeegee and a bucket, and now I've got a rag and a bucket." Character's lines were cut out of AIO episodes to fit into the scene, and an odd comment on a thumb is in there!

Did You Know?

The Odyssey Tattler 2 is not a complete sound clip. It began production in Summer 2002. However, the project was soon dropped due to other matters. The producer had planned on completing the clip, but time factored in.


It's interesting to note that if this sound clip had been finished, you would have found out that John Avery Whittaker, Eugene Meltsner, and Connie Kendall were guilty of blowing up the town! The plot was in depth and the characters had a devious ulterior motive. Just keep in mind that the Odyssey Tattler twists facts and uses people for a "hot story". It is a tabloid after all.





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