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The Odyssey Tattler
Odyssey's source of trash journalism is here to tattle on all your favorite characters.



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Approximate Running Time: 3 min.


The town of Odyssey will never be the same. A well-known citizen of the town has suddenly proved that she has a deceiving side. Will the town of Odyssey ever be the same? Based on the tabloid in Odyssey, The Odyssey Tattler is a news report about a good character gone bad. Find out who the bad one is!

Behind the Scenes

This is the first sound clip that took more than one day to create. While it's enjoyable to create sound clips, it is a stressful job. Finding various clips from Adventures in Odyssey to fit into the scene was time-consuming, and the producer almost gave up during the production process. Mixing music, sound effects, as well as recording voices is a process by which a producer learns a lot.

Did You Know?
"The Odyssey Tattler" first appeared in the episode "The Other Woman." Though it was a magazine publication in the audio series, The Odyssey Scoop had to adapt it for its purposes.





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