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The Love and...CHRONICLES
Episode Four: Love and the Haunted Clock Tower



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Approximate Running Time: 10 min.


Image of the CD version of "The Love and... CHRONICLES"A mysterious clock tower on the darkest side of town has Jon and Marsha in a panic. Are the rumors true about the haunted clock tower? Is time running out for the town of Switchgear? Jon and Marsha must set out to discover the truth.

Behind the Scenes

The time and effort put into drama-making affects the overall quality of the finished show. Episode Four was one of the tougher episodes to produce. Unlike previous Love and... CHRONICLES, the characters in this episode didn't fall in love. The point of emphasis was the mystery of the town of Switchgear. The producers spent three days planning, writing, and living the lives of the characters. Finding the right music for the production was a slow process. Perky music just does not work. Mysterious, edgy music fit the episode well.

Did You Know?

Though this is the final episode of The Love and... CHRONICLES, two more episodes were attempted. As fun as it was attempting to create Love and the Revolt of the Poultry (Episode Five) and Love and the Cardboard Box (Episode Six), the joys of creating had to stop because of lack of interest. Looking back, that's a good thing.





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