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"My Favorites List" Commercial
Dedicated to all computer geeks out there.



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Approximate Running Time: 1 min.


Everyone's got their querks... right? This woman is proud of her Favorites list in Internet Explorer. In fact, it's one of her favorite pass times. Listen to My Favorites List to find out what makes this woman so querky, and see how cool she really is.

Behind the Scenes

This audio commercial pokes fun at those who spend hours and hours on the internet but don't have a purpose for being there.


In an attempt to create a commercial for the Odyssey Scoop, Jacob decided to produce a comedic installment that listeners would enjoy listening to. Instead of creating an average, forgettable audio clip, the webmaster decided to create a series of spoofs to make listeners chuckle.


Did You Know?

The voice in this audio commercial is not a real person! With advances in technology come better and better synthesized voices.





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