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"The Truth Chronicles"

Just in case you haven't been watching the Official Site lately, I'll go ahead and point out that The Truth Chronicles collection is now available from Focus. This is a special collection which doesn't fit within the chronological series of albums, but it's certainly worth the purchase if you're a collector. Also it may interest you to learn that the Official Site has also provided a free download of the episode Here Am I from this collection. While you wait for the new season in Fall 2009, there's still plenty going on with Odyssey!




Repack of "In Hot Pursuit"

It looks like Collection #41, In Hot Pursuit, is ready for re-release! Be watching CBD and Christian bookstores this November to add this repack to your collection. If you're like me, you like to collect AIO. And if you're also like me, you'll probably be spotted glancing around the Odyssey section of your local Christian bookstore in a couple months. Except this time I won't be as I'm still on campus and don't have as much time or storage space for AIO. I will admit that I have dropped by the Adventures in Odyssey album section in the campus bookstore, but I'll let those albums gather dust until I'm home near my own collection to make a purchase.


If you're interested in seeing close-ups of both front and back covers, they're up!




Why Can't I Listen Online Anymore?

Wow, I've been getting a lot of emails (and I do mean a lot!) regarding AIO episodes on the internet. I'm sure many of you were accustomed to listening to Adventures in Odyssey online via over the past few years. However, with the launch of the new Official Site in August, the option to listen online was removed from Oneplace. Instead, if you want to listen to AIO online in future days, you'll need to start tuning in via Focus on the Family's Media Center. Quite a few episodes will be archived for listening. I know we all hate changes, especially when it comes to our favorite radio drama. Yet, in the long run, hopefully the switch will be beneficial to everyone.


Here's how to listen to AIO online:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on "Family Media Center" at the top.

  3. Click on the "Shows" tab (lower right).

  4. Click "Adventures in Odyssey" (lower left).

  5. Select episode. Months of episodes are available.

For a more detailed listing with visual aids, click here.




A Look Back at the AIO Birthday Bash

It's hard the believe that the Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Bash was held over a month ago already! Here are some interesting trivia tidbits you may find interesting regarding this event.

Fun facts about the record-setting Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Bash (held Saturday, August 16)…

  • 44 U.S. states were represented at the Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Bash, including Hawaii and Alaska
  • Families also came from Bermuda, New Zealand, and five Canadian provinces
  • Approx. 50% of live show attendees came from outside of Colorado
  • August 16 was Colorado Springs’ rainiest day that month… but that didn’t stop the fans from coming!
  • Over 4,900 people were on campus that Saturday—more than any other single day in Focus on the Family’s history
  • Two contest-winning families were present during the Birthday Bash weekend: the Brown family from Missouri, and the Ortner family from Maryland (winners of Brio’s Adventures in Odyssey Look-Alike Contest)
  • Including the two Saturday shows and all-staff show on Friday, over 4,000 people participated in the live episode recordings
  • Our 4 podcast hosts (Bob, Jesse, Chris and Sarah) interviewed over 60 fans at the Birthday Bash
  • Even though our final Saturday autograph session lasted over an hour past schedule, the actors stayed to sign for every last fan

Here's a running list of links… some of which should look familiar! I'm sure they will keep your occupied for a while.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8




AIOwiki Logo Contest

For those of you who visit AIOwiki often to contribute to the community or browse what's going on over there, you'll notice that they have wrapped up their search for a new logo. I count it a privilege to provide the site with a logo I created several weeks ago. And for those of you who voted for my logo, thank you! Now, go enjoy the new look! Contest wrap-up info can be found here.




Official Podcast #51

Yesterday, the Official Podcast released its 51st episode. In this edition, you'll hear from our friends over at the Unofficial Podcast. If you're collecting all the podcasts, you won't want to miss out on another treat from Adventures in Odyssey.




Odyssey's Resident Genius Turns Heads

Katrina Meltsner, wife of Odyssey's resident genius, told her husband that it wasn't a good idea. It wasn't. Apparently, Betsy the cow was way too smart for Eugene. And boy, could it moo.


Scared Eugene half to death.


"I think I'll stick with souping up computers, not milking cows," Eugene told Odyssey Times reporters. To borrow the colloquialism, got milk?" Eugene also reported that he "didn't quite understand the cliched concept of naming a herbivore Betsy." Mr. Meltsner prefers the name Kenneth the Cow any day.


Unfortunately, Katrina didn't get a photo of Eugene getting attacked with the moo juice squirt guns as she wisely ran away from the scene.


"It seemed to be the only logical thing to do," she said.




November Schedule

If you take a step over to our episode Schedule, you'll notice that you can find all episodes airing from September through November 2008. If you're one of those people who likes to know what's coming up in the distant future, then you'll want to check it out. We'll be seeing December someday soon for your radio planning purposes. During this hiatus with no new Adventures in Odyssey episodes, I'd recommend that you continue to tune in to "The Best of AIO" series on the weekends. You will hear from fans before the show begins!




Darkness Before Dawn Repack

Today I have some news regarding the repack of the collection Darkness Before Dawn (#25). In November, this album of the Blackgaard Saga will be re-released with a chic new design and illustration. I've updated the product page with higher resolution previews of the album. I am very pleased with this album as it is reminiscent of the original release and maintains the newer artist's style. He sure had a high standard to live up to, and I believe he succeeded. For a complete list of redesigned packages, see the right column on the homepage called "The Packaging Project" so you can begin/continue your collection today.


In other news, I've officially flown down to PCC (Pensacola Christian College) for my fifth and final year. Time is ticking down and your prayers are greatly needed. There's a lot to do before graduation! You'll still be seeing periodic updates here and there. Stay tuned!




Character Sighting!

"I'm in a room full of Eugenes," Bernard mumbled to himself. "When he mentioned he was taking a journey to himself, he was right."


Yes, we have Bernard and a multiplicity of Eugenes running around, hanging out together, and discussing theories.



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