February 2012

New Feature: Oddities in Odyssey!



We've been working on a special new site feature for the past few weeks, and today is the day we've decided to unveil what we've been working on. And now, presenting...



Adventures in Odyssey is full of memorable moments. Immerse yourself in a collection of the oddest of oddities in Odyssey history, thanks to a team of creative minds who bring the town of Odyssey to life.


Visit our new Oddities in Odyssey feature and experience some of Odyssey's more interesting memories. We've tucked this new section over at Features. If you haven't seen our other great site features, be sure to check them out! What do you think of the new feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We've been cooking up this idea for a long time and finally made it happen. Enjoy!



The Deep End: Now Available for Download



If you've been keeping up with Adventures in Odyssey news this week, then you might already know that Album 55, The Deep End, is now available for download in the U.S.


Jason Whittaker discovers a life-threatening plot in the works after he tracks the villainous Mr. Grote to London. In Odyssey, rumors fly when a wedding brochure is mistaken for an announcement and everyone thinks Connie is getting married. Eugene and Katrina hear unsettling news about their future. And Kids Radio tells the exciting story about how a back-country man with a simple desire for peace winds up on the front lines of World War I. Amidst all of the conflict and comedy, our pals in Odyssey learn that being in over their heads can be a very touching and funny experience when God is put in the center of it all.


Download your copy here. If you're waiting for the hard copy, be sure to pre-order your copy now and receive it when it becomes available in May.


In addition to the news of Album 55's release, Focus on the Family's "Get in the Show" Ultimate Casting Call is going to be a big event later this year and is featured in a new video podcast by the Odyssey team. The podcast goes into greater detail about upcoming events this year... because a lot of you had a lot of questions! Song artist Phil Joel has produced a theme song for the "Get in the Show" event and it is available as a free download here (U.S.).


Keep your eyes on the Scoop in the days ahead. Things are getting exciting! (And don't forget to download your copy of The Deep End. We're pleased with what we hear...)



Q & A



What's new at The Odyssey Scoop these days?
We have answers to your questions! Our AIO F.A.Q. feature is now updated with a good number of those frequently asked questions about Adventures in Odyssey. And believe us when we say this, we get these questions a lot.



The AIO Blogcast Interviews Aria Curzon



Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy Straussberg on Adventures in Odyssey, makes an appearance in the latest edition of the AIO Blogcast. In the interview, Aria discusses her time with Adventures in Odyssey, the early days, and her voice acting career. In addition, she discusses some of her favorite Adventures in Odyssey moments in the studio.


Aria Curzon played various roles on Adventures in Odyssey from 1996-2008(debuting in Clara and leaving the show after B-TV: Live). This makes her one of the longest running child roles in recent AIO history.


You can listen to the interview with Aria here. Should Aria come back in future episodes, possibly as a cameo appearance or in other roles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



Imagination Station Book Series Continues



It's been a while since we last updated you on the new Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station book series. Geared for ages 7-11, the series follows characters Beth and Patrick as they travel in Whit's greatest invention, the Imagination Station, to experience Biblical and historical events. With seven books currently available, more books are planned to push the series forward.


Book 8, originally titled Mystery of Starlight Island, will be released as Battle for the Mysterious Island (April 2012). Book 9 in the series, Escape to the Hiding Place, will make its way to Christian bookstores and online retailers later this year.


You can see brand new images of these cover arts at their appropriate product pages. Of course, The Imagination Station book series isn't the only collection of Adventures in Odyssey books available on the market. You can see other titles available at our Books page. There's always something in the works from Adventures in Odyssey.



AIO Live Show Tickets for Sale



The month of June will heat up for Adventures in Odyssey as the Odyssey team performs a recording of a future AIO episode in front of a live audience at Irving Bible Church in Dallas, Texas on June 16th. Actors appearing at the event include: Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, Will Ryan, Jess Harnell, Townsend Coleman, Zach Callison, Kimmy Robertson, and Chris Anthony.


Tickets for this event cost $8 and can be purchased here (two show time options available: 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM). Read a list of event FAQ's here.


See our February 8 post.



"It's Another... Mystery!"



Did anyone catch this briefly in the latest video podcast from Adventures in Odyssey?



Adventures in Odyssey Announces 25th Anniversary Birthday Bash!



Let the celebration begin! Adventures in Odyssey has officially announced its 25th anniversary "Birthday Bash" taking place on June 16, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. A live recording of a future Adventures in Odysey episode will occur at Irving Bible Church and will feature actors, sound designers, writers, and more. Tickets for this event will be available beginning Monday, February 13.


The latest edition of The Official Podcast announces it in its own little way:



In addition to the upcoming live show, the Odyssey team has launched its "Get in the Show!" Casting Call in which you can audition for a future Adventures in Odyssey episode, to be released in Album 58. Partnering with Family Christian Stores, Odyssey fans will be able to audition at this Christian retailer during the month of July 2012. Click here to learn about how you can get involved in this exciting opportunity.


Oh, and is the last time we'll be hearing from song artist Phil Joel? Stay tuned.


Things are just starting to heat up in 2012 for Adventures in Odyssey. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on the latest Adventures in Odyssey news, one cone at a time.



The Ceiling Fan Launches Season 4



Fans of the ever-growing Ceiling Fan Podcast are in for an interesting continuation of an epic series that started with Season 3.


When Phil is visited by an old associate, he learns that protecting the ones closest to him may mean facing the dark truth of his past. Are things what they seem? Find out in this dramatic continuation of the M'Kalister Park Saga. Season 4 has begun.


An innocent band tour has evolved into a series of unexpected twists and turns as the show's characters find themselves on a confusing adventure. If you're new to The Ceiling Fan, it follows fictional characters Ethan Daniels, Phil Jinkus, and a host of others. The best part is that it's inspired by Adventures in Odyssey. Ethan Daniels, self-proclaimed "biggest Odyssey fan", ironically knows very little about the show he claims to be a die-hard of.


Click here to listen to the first episode of Season 4: It All Begins... Again.


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