February 2011

ScoopYourself and Win a Free Copy of The Green Ring Conspiracy!


Now is your chance to participate in the Odyssey Scoop's second annual ScoopYourself contest... and win a cool prize in the process!

What is ScoopYourself?
Basically it's just a fancy name, but the concept will be a challenge for you to be the Odyssey Scoop's top winner. In each ScoopYourself challenge, you'll have the opportunity to incorporate yourself into your contest entry and be the most creative to win exciting prizes!

The Challenge
We want to see your Adventures in Odyssey collection. Yes, that's right. We want you to come up with the most creative display of your Odyssey albums, books, videos, DVDs, action figures, T-shirts, and more!

What should I do?
First, it is necessary that you have access to a digital camera and your Odyssey collection. You might also want to have access to some props. Anything you would like to use in making your photo more creative is fine by us. If you don't have a very large AIO collection, you are certainly welcome to use what you have. If you aren't camera-shy, you might consider posing with your Odyssey collection too, though that's not required. You also may find it helpful to take several photos and choose your favorite before submitting. Keep in mind that lighting, location of the camera, and placement of Odyssey items will make a huge difference.
Check out what our fans did last year in our first ScoopYourself contest and get started on your entry.

What will I win?
The contestant with the most creative arrangement of his/her Adventures in Odyssey collection will win a free copy of the highly-anticipated new album, The Green Ring Conspiracy. Your winning photo will be featured here at the Odyssey Scoop for years to come! Even if you don't win, your photo will be posted along with every other contestant's so fans can see it... and everyone else's. In other words, it's time to show your stuff!

When is the deadline?
You have until 11:59 EST on Wednesday, March 23rd, to enter. Entries will be judged and our three winners will be announced at a later date.

How to Enter
Send us an email with your Name, Age, Location, Mailing address, and photo attached. Be sure you put "ScoopYourself" in the subject line. The higher resolution the photo is, the better.


  • Only one entry per person.
  • You can enter even if you live outside the United States.
  • If you have participated in a similar photo contest in the past, you may participate again. However, we require you to submit a different photo.
  • For further inspiration and insights about this contest, check out what our fans did last year in our first ScoopYourself contest.

Our first ScoopYourself contest was such a smashing success that we decided to give it another go. Enter today!


Adventures in Odyssey in Outer Space


In our May 14, 2010 blog post last year, we had mentioned that Adventures in Odyssey traveled to outer space aboard the space shuttle Endeavor with astronaut Col. Terry Virts. It was historic news for Focus on the Family and Adventures in Odyssey, which we've also featured in our AIO Timeline feature. Today, the Official Podcast interviews Col. Terry Virts about his mission.




In other news, I just received several hard copies of the upcoming Album 53 release, The Green Ring Conspiracy. The album will be available in March 2011. I think we can all safely assume that The Odyssey Scoop has something special planned in the coming days. Keep checking back!



Grandma's Christmas Visit in Review


Drum roll please... today we conclude our 2010 Adventures in Odyssey episode reviews with our review of Grandma's Christmas Visit, thanks to in-house writer Ben Warren:


Grandma's Christmas Visit ends a satisfactory season with a less-than-satisfying episode. If you finished listening to the show with ringing in your ears, and attributed it to the ringing of Christmas bells, it was more likely due to Connie's screaming. Read full review...


Last season was quite a ride for Adventures in Odyssey fans, and I'm confident that as the Spring 2011 season begins, fans aren't going to be disappointed. Hold on tight, folks. I think we're in for a few surprises beginning March 12th!



The Malted Milkball Falcon in Review


Today we present our review of The Malted Milkball Falcon, thanks to review writer Ben Warren:


For the first time, I enjoyed this Kirby Atkins episode. He wrote a script with more layers, with more twists and turns, than the average episode has. This is how a proper mystery is done; it not only made me question "whodunit" but "howdunit" too. I think those qualities are strong enough reasons to rate this episode on the positive side, despite its flaws. Read full review...


In his usual style, our reviewer hits the nail on the head. If you haven't read our season reviews here at the Scoop, you're more than welcome to catch up at our Reviews section. We've got one more season review left to get to you guys. Stay tuned.



The Ceiling Fan Visits Kidsboro


Hey, friends! Season 3 of The Ceiling Fan continues with their latest podcast, and I think you're going to like what you hear:


When the Chief of Health and Safety starts investigating the artificial town of Kidsboro, the citizens in the woods behind Whit's End begin to panic. Also, Ethan and his band find themselves on the road headed for their first concert. Can it get any better than this? Probably.


TCF never ceases to give me laughs, that's for sure. To learn more about The Ceiling Fan, visit their official website. You might want to keep your eyes on The Ceiling Fan. You never know what you're gonna get when Odyssey hits the fan.



Kenneth Mars (April 14, 1936 - February 12, 2011)


Adventures in Odyssey has seen some of its devoted actors come and go since the show's inception, and today we have some sad news to share. Kenneth Mars, voice of Fred Holstein, Captain Quinn, and several other minor characters, passed away on Saturday, February 12th, at the age of 74. His battle with pancreatic cancer has ended.


Most of you remember the querkiness of Fred Holsltein and his more serious role as Captain Quinn. I think all of us can say that without Ken Mars, Adventures in Odyssey wouldn't be what it is today. The actors bring so much to the show and Mr. Mars was no exception.


You can read Ken Mars' obituary in the L.A. Times. None of us will ever forget the man who brought us the character who can "laugh all the way down a short pier." From all of us Adventures in Odyssey fans, Mr. Mars, we'll miss you, and thanks for all the wonderful memories.



The Odyssey ScoopCast #18: Video Edition!


We know, we know. This makes our second post in one day, but we're so excited to let you in on the latest in Adventures in Odyssey happenings. What better way than through The Odyssey ScoopCast, video style!


Journey along with host Kevin McCreary as he travels to Burbank, California to witness the recording of "Adventures in Odyssey" Album 54!


Our podcast keeps getting better and better. You certainly won't want to miss this latest installment! Click here to watch the ScoopCast.


Update: Unrelated news... The results to the Avery Awards are here. Listen to the podcast awards ceremony and see the details of the winners!



Adventures in Odyssey on JellyTelly.com


I'm sure many of you are familiar with VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer's JellyTelly endeavor to reach kids with the gospel, doctrine, and more. Well, Jellyfish Labs (producers of JellyTelly) recently teamed up with Focus on the Family to make this service available to more people and to back it with funding. And they just launched a new website, which is why we're mentioning it today.


With the re-launch of the website comes something that Adventures in Odyssey fans will definitely enjoy. For the first time, the Adventures in Odyssey video cartoon series episodes are available for online streaming on the site, along with JellyTelly's usual programming. What does this mean for AIO fans? If you've never been able to see the series, you can now without purchasing the videos.


You can visit JellyTelly's website for more information, or click here for a direct link to all the available AIO video episodes. As for me, I think I'll stick with the audio series. It's really what makes AIO great.



Talk of the Town: Album 53


By now, I'm sure that many of you, if not all of you, have heard that the newest Adventures in Odyssey collection is available in advance as a digital download. And there's no doubt in my mind that those of you who purchased the album early have made it through all 12 action-packed episodes and are pleased with what you heard. I've heard a lot of feedback already and it's mostly positive comments.


For those of you who are planning on buying the hard copy of this highly-anticipated release, it should be available sometime this March. And if you haven't heard the series yet, be sure to tune in March 12th for the season premier of The Green Ring Conspiracy.


Having heard the album completely myself, I am very pleased with the experience. The Odyssey team is on top of their game with this latest mystery and we can expect great things in the days to come. Album 53 contains a great balance for younger and older listeners alike. Younger fans will probably need help understanding some of the very involved plot (and yet it's at an understandable level for them), while older fans will relish every aspect of the mystery in all of its complexities. As a long-time listener, I enjoy being able to listen as one of the big kids, one who grew up with the show's characters. Adults out there, you're not going to be disappointed.


Of course, if you can't wait until March to get a hard copy, you can still order an mp3 download of the album. It comes with a digital study guide and a nice inside look (behind-the-scenes video) of the cast and crew of The Green Ring Conspiracy. To learn more about album 53, visit our product page for images and ordering links.



Download The Green Ring Conspiracy Early!


Today is a big day for Adventures in Odyssey fans, and we're covering it as it happens with our latest edition of The Odyssey ScoopCast:


Hosts Kevin and Garrett unveil exciting news about how fans can listen to Album 53, "The Green Ring Conspiracy", early. Plus, Garrett opens his fan mail for this first time.


Listen to our new edition of the podcast here.

Send us fan mail at:


Yes, folks, the latest collection of Adventures in Odyssey episodes, The Green Ring Conspiracy, is now available for digital download. In fact, our friends at AIO just announced this big surprise at the Official Site. Be sure and check it out!


Oh, and if you happen to hear the episodes early, please be aware that others may not want to know what happens until they hear the episodes themselves. In other words, be careful how you comment on the site. Don't spoil it for other fans!


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