Can you have Whit and Jana mend their relationship? -Submitted by KJ

Whit and Jana have always had their problems. As we've heard in "A Member of the Family," John and Jana do not get along well. KJ, it's very possible that AIO will "mend" the Mr. Whit/Jana Whittaker-Dowd (notice the hyphenation) in the future on AIO. In "The Reluctant Rival," Jana mentions to her father, "Do we have to have one at all?" She was of course, referring to an argument. That's a sign that she wants something to change. As it stands now, Jana's conversation with her dad on the phone in Silent Night slightly indicates that her relationship with Whit has improved. I predict that AIO will not cover this area in the near future... but that isn't to say it'll never happen!

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