Where is Odyssey? What state is Odyssey in? Or suspected of being in? -Submitted by Abby, John, Christine

It's just one of those questions that fans keep asking. Where is Odyssey? Is it in Illinois? Kansas? Alaska? Under the rug? Abby and John, I'm glad you asked. Odyssey is a small mid-western town, and that's basically it. However, a large number of states have been factored out as the location for Odyssey, as evidenced in our very entertaining and informative Where Odyssey Is Not feature. There, you can read and hear audio evidences for where Odyssey is not and piece together the clues to find Odyssey. It's a lot of fun, and you might have a clue we don't know about yet. And... you might be surprised to see that Odyssey's location has really been narrowed down over the course of the series.

It's people just like you that I've created Where Odyssey Is Not. This section was later published as a sidebar on page 200 of the Official Guide. What an honor!

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