What does Trent DeWhite look like? -Submitted by Connie's Jogging Suit

I never imagined -- even in my wildest dreams -- that Connie's jogging suit was a living, breathing creature. Well, am I bad. I give you my sincere apologies, Miss Suit. I must say it was human error on my part. I'm so privileged to make your acquaintance, Connie's. Is Jogging your last name? I'm sure you get teased quite frequently about that.

As for Trent DeWhite, nobody knows what he truly looks like yet. I've always imagined him as your average 12 year-old Odyssey boy character. To tell you the truth, when I listen to Adventures in Odyssey, I tend to imagine the background scenery. The characters I assume are there, but I don't place much importance on knowing what they look like. For characters such as Eugene and Whit, I've just taken Focus on the Family's word for it and imagine them as we see them on the majority of Odyssey products. We were lucky to get an adaptation of Mandy Straussberg on the sampler episode, The Great Wishy Woz. Even then, the picture you'll see there is probably just the artist's interpretation of Dotty in the Kid's Radio episode.

In conclusion, maybe we'll get a cartoon drawing of Trent someday. Until then, we're left with our -- hopefully -- vivid imaginations.

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