Is Richard Maxwell coming back? Is the actor gone? - Submitted by Dr. Blackgaard

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor... you're going to need to think this through. You're dead, so why do you even care if Richard Maxwell is coming back? If you're dead, you are no longer on this earth. You have already entered eternity. Why are you asking me where Richard is when we should be asking, "Is Dr. Blackgaard out of his mind?"

Now, in reality, the folks at AIO haven't brought him back for a while. During the planning stages of the Novacom Saga, they were originally considering bringing Richard's character back to the show as AREM. However, he was replaced with Robert Mitchell, Connie Kendall's potential love. Interesting how that works, huh? That's not to say he'll never return someday. Maybe next time he'll return and Connie will fall head-over-heels in love with Richie? I'm sure that would be a painful experience -- falling head-over-heels. Ouch.

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