Are there any future plans for the Rathbone family to become Christians? What a miracle... -Submitted by Karen Jurss

It's something that fans have been wondering about since Bart Rathbone showed up in Odyssey. Will Bart Rathbone (and his family) ever become Christians? In more recent days, we've seen that Bart learns a lesson, but he just seems to push it aside right after learning it. The same goes for both Rodney and Doris Rathbone as well. So will they ever get saved? Unfortunately, Walker Edmiston, voice of Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone, passed away in 2007. That has left the Adventures in Odyssey team in a bind. They have several choices, but I'll just give you the highlights. They could:

  • Find a replacement voice for just Tom Riley

  • Find a replacement voice for just Bart Rathbone

  • Find a replacement voice for both Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone

  • Allow Tom Riley to pass away in the series, opening up story ideas

  • Allow Tom Riley to disappear from the series

  • Allow Bart Rathbone (and family) to move away, or disappear from the series

I'm sure I've left out a few options, but it looks as though Bart Rathbone will no longer be on the show. Fans would notice immediately if they tried to replace Bart's character. If they did, there would be many unhappy fans because things just wouldn't be the same. As for Rodney and Doris, the actors are still available (even though Doris was recently replaced because Pamela Hayden is no longer with the show). However, if Bart is removed from the series, it only makes sense that Rodney and Doris be pulled as well. I think it's time to pull the plug for the Rathbone family. No doubt Walker Edmiston will be greatly missed.

But will the family get saved? I don't see it happening.

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