What are the words to that guy's poem in Best Laid Plans? That's a really good poem, but I can never remember all the words. -Submitted by Rose AKA AlexCalandJaredfan

That's a very good question, friend of Alex Jefferson, Cal Jordan, and Jared DeWhite. I pulled out my cassette copy of Best Laid Plans and went to work to answer this question. And below is the poem you requested. Yes, it's the poem "that guy" wrote and presented at the Timothy Center at the end of the episode. So, without further banter, I present "that guy's" poem.

Untitled Poem,
as presented in "Best Laid Plans"

I was trapped by the invisible walls of my fate,
Tricked by the idea that I could not escape,
Chained up in a ghetto where my father died,
Fooled into thinking I would never go outside.
Imprisoned by my friends who knew nothing but war,
Shackled to everything that had gone on before.
I would always be here in this dead end life of mine,
My heart turned back by a city limit sign.

and yet I now see a way out of my concrete jail,
A new way to soften a heart that's grown stale.
No longer curse in this place for the wealth,
No longer fighting with man or myself.
I understand now what it takes to get real.
If you wanna stand up, you have to learn how to kneel.

I surrender.
My weapons are down at my feet.
'Cause we'll never have freedom
When there's blood on the street.

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