In the new Adventures in Odyssey series I miss some of the old characters, such as: Lucy Cunningham Shultz, Richard Maxwell, Edwin Blackgaard, The Bones of Wrath, and the Israelites. Could you please put them in the new Adventures in Odyssey episodes? -Submitted by Charis

Hello, Charis, I'm so glad that you miss the old Odyssey characters. I do as well, though they're never coming back. Lucy is long gone, Richard Maxwell (well, there is a possibility with him, but no rhyme or reason), Edwin Blackgaard is still around (just not in very many episodes), the Bones of Wrath are still around but only mentioned, and the Israelites are far, far away from Odyssey.

So who's left? Jimmy Barclay is the only kid from the past who has appeared in newer shows, such as Living in the Gray. I can see Jimmy coming back every now and then. I think it's safe to say that we're dying to hear from Donna and Mary Barclay still.

Sorry, Charis, most of the old characters are not coming back. However, in more recent days, characters such as Curt Stevens, Lucy Schultz, Lawrence Hodges, and Jack Davis have made appearances in the collection The Best Small Town. You don't want to miss it!

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