What is your middle name? -Submitted by "Duh"


Duh, I dunno... do you? I, Jacob Isom, the webmaster of this website, have every right to release my middle name to the world at large, however, I choose not to do so. I choose not to do so because that's just me. That's just me is just the way I am. The way I am is my way. You have permission to find out what my first name is and even my last name, but when it comes to my middle name, that's the only guarded secret I have of my identity. So I'm going to be selfish on this question. No one will ever know what my middle name is except my family, close friends, and those government official people. Oh yeah, then there's the credit card people. Wait... they'll know what letter my name starts with, not necessarily my middle name. Now I feel special. Duh, I dunno... do you?

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