Monica's last name is 'Stone', right? She has a brother named Duncan, right? Well, if Duncan's last name is Mathis, how come her last name is Stone? -Submitted by Cheyenne


Right, Monica's last name is 'Stone'. She also has a brother named Duncan. You are right, but your questions spawned some wonderings by me.


Perhaps Monica is married and we don't know it yet? That would ruin any plans for Jason Whittaker and a new love relationship to develop. If Monica is married, then she'd be married to a man with the last name 'Stone'. Assuming that, her first name would have been 'Mathis'. Or perhaps Duncan is a stepbrother rather than a brother, or perhaps he even got married and changed his name to 'Mathis,' the last name of his wife? Nah... that's not logical.


I guess we'll be in the dark for a while on this one. To me, the most logical explanation is that Monica got married and her last name changed.

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