Why does Jason Whittaker appear in The Last Chance Detectives audio dramas? -Submitted by the Odyssey Scoop Webmaster

Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself when it's not really necessary. And this is one of those times. I thought it would be interesting to bring this up, since Jason does appear in the first Last Chance Detectives audio set, "The Day Ambrosia Stood Still." So why does he appear in the first LCD mystery case, anyway? The answer is simple. At the end of the Spring 2004 season, a special two-part mystery aired with two separate titles: No Way Out and No Way In. Both episodes were focused on the Odyssey gang's frustrated attempts to find Mr. Whittaker who had mysteriously disappeared from Odyssey. After the mystery was solved at the end of No Way In, someone asked Whit where Jason was as they put closure to the case, and Mr. Whittaker tells him that Jason had to leave for a business trip to Mexico. This left an open door for the special Last Chance Detectives shows that would soon pick up where AIO had left off for the summer. So with Jason now suddenly on a road trip and another season of Adventures in Odyssey at an end, a perfect segue led to the special LCD series. At the end of No Way In, Chris gives an exciting sneak peek into the summer ahead with Last Chance. Now if AIO looks as if it's planning ahead all the time, it probably is. And that's why Jason so abruptly left the episode and had the other characters wondering about his absence.

So the next time you listen to The Last Chance Detectives, think of the team's persistence and preparation for the future. And if you're new to Last Chance Detectives, you may want to pick up your very own copies of the three audio cases: "The Day Ambrosia Stood Still," "Mystery of the Lost Voices," "The Last Flight of the Dragon Lady," and three DVD adventures that inspired these dramas. Each is available from Focus on the Family (website). Find out what happens to Jason Whittaker outside of the AIO realm.

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